farts I have ever heard in my 11 year career!  It
literally sounded like a TUBA was stuck up her butt!
They way these sound will drive you CRAZY!
So if BASS if your thing then I can say you have
never HEARD or SEEN anything like this before!
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for the new stuff!
Kt has BAD GAS!  The farts are HUGE
and SUPER RUMBLY!  She farts non
stop with little lag time and a lot of them
are WET AND EXPLOSIVE!  Good thing she
is letting them out on a stuffed animal because
these farts right here would surely... MELT YO FACE!
click the red door
for the new stuff!
Kt is one of the best farters in the business
so I wanted to see how she could change
the sound and tone of her farts by for
example... farting deeply on a pillow
farting into an empty iron pot, farting
with her ass buried into the bed mattress
so the bed springs rattle!  Farting with
a thick fabric like a towel to see if that
changes to sound and most importantly
seeing how DEEP she can make her farts
sound, you know me.. I like .... DEEP!
click the red door
for the new stuff!
C World Entertainment might as
well be known as a "nice booty"
company as much as a farting fetish
company... plan and simple WE LIKE BOOTY!
KT just so happens to be one of my fav type o
butts!  Big, Thick and round!  She is one hell of
a farter too!  This is just a simple compilation of
her BEST farts in the SEXIEST poses to show off
that DONKEY BOOTY of hers!  Loaded with deep,
long farts with no lag time.... as always!
click the red door
for the new stuff!

This is Katy's first FULL LENGTH BATMAN VIDEO!
She really brought the goodz in this one!  Big,
thick chunky lawgs that almost seemed like
they probably hurt coming out.  Toilet action
lovers this clip is a MUST for your collection!
As a member of this site you can get the insane
"un-rated" version of this fantastic update!
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Many moons ago we coined the phrase "dropping apples".
Imagine standing over a bathtub full of water and dropping
a basket of apples one by one as they splash into the
giant tub of water.  If you are good at making toilet clips then
that is what your audio will sound like.  Well KT is doing
her first toilet clip for us and that is EXACTLY what the
audio is like!  Add in EXPLOSIVE gassy farts and you
have one FANTASTIC toilet clip on your hands.  KT
DuckButt is absolutely a TWO WAY player!
(and BTW.. there is an un-rated version of this clip)
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KT decided to let her man smell her
farts "up close and personal" by
giving him a "dutch oven".  What she
did not expect was for her farts to
smell so very bad!  She had the worst
smelling gas EVER!  There was a few
times where she had to check back there
to see if he was still alive!
Click the door above to go directly to this update
The goal of this weeks update is to
accomplish that DEEP, RUMBLY fart sound!
KT is quite the farter so I knew she would
deliver on this one.  I wanted that "muffled"
sound so I had her sit on hard surfaces and
soft fabrics!  In order to really make this happen
the farts have to be LOOOOOOOONG!  And KT
is one of the longest farters in the biz right
now.. are you ready to see the results?!?!
Click the door above to go directly to this update
you like when the farts sound DEEP
so she made sure to eat foods that make
her EXTRA GASSY for this update!  Her
big round rump always makes those
DREAM FART SOUNDS and this set is
no exception.  All the poses, lots of variety
Click the door above to go directly to this update!
Imagine burying your face in that!  Every time KT
has to fart she will call out to you so you can quickly
get behind her HUGE ROUND ASS so she can push
out HOT STINKY AIR right onto your face.  Her ass looks
so BIG AND THICK in this clip and it is LOADED WITH FARTS!
If you are a BIG ASS LOVER than you will be a KT fan!  She has
one of the BIGGEST BOOTIES in the game right now and she is
one of the best farters of all time.  The perfect combination!
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My girlfriend is always farting around me.  What
I love the most is after she rips a LONG BUBBLER
she comes over and sticks her ass right into my
face so I can sniff her fart.  She farts really DEEP
and the smell is still in the fabric when she brings
her ass over to me.. that is my favorite part.  We
do this every night and she farts a LOT!  That is
the POV Fart Fantasy you will enjoy in this video!!
Click the door above to go directly to this update!
LOOK AT THAT ASS!  Just imagine
having your nose buried in that as
she expels HOT STINKY AIR right up
your nostrils. Mmmmm.  The farts are
so long and they smell like a combination
of shit and rotten brocculli.  I can lay behind
her all day long!  I LOVE the way her farts
sound!  She has LONG MULTI-TONED farts
and those are very rare!  I have been doing
this for 10 years and I RARELY hear LONG
DEEP, MULTI-TONED farts like this!!!  Lexxi
Lockhart, Brittany Moore, maybe one or two
others but FEW have farted like KT Duckbutt!
Click the door above to go directly to this update!
I have no idea how KT Duckbutt got SO
good SO fast but I can honestly say that
I already consider her one of the top 10
fart models that we have ever seen!  The
poses, the facial expressions and she rips
some of the BEST farts we have ever heard!
She just plain gets it.  That's it.  All of her clips
have been amazing but I can honestly say that
this one right here is her best one to date!!
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We all know that Lizzy is the Queen in the
Kingdom of fart fetish as a whole but when
it comes to just "farting" We may soon have
to crown KT DuckButt the Queen of Farts!
Long, Deep, Robust BUBBLERS!  Coming
out one after the other with no lag time in
between!  Everyone has there own taste
in fart models when it comes to looks...
but when it comes down to the skill of
farting... with her only competition being
GoddAss Jenn on KT
DuckButt may very well be the alltime QOF!
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What till you hear these MONSTEROUS
farts coming out of Katy's ass!  K.T.
Duck Butt is so good I decided to turn
this whole site over to her.  She't got it
all and her farts are AMAZING!  If you turned
on this video and closed your eye's you would
swear that you are watching GodZilla VS Monthra
but now you are listening to the amazing skills
of K.T. Duck Butt the new face of Rotten Onionz!
Click the door above to go directly to this update!
I promise you the sound of this new models farts will drive you WILD!
C World Entertainment is proud to introduce Katy Duck Butt!  That's
right her farts are so low and deep and "duck" sounding I had to actually
give her that nickname!  It's been a while since we had some new blood
around here and this girl is a definite STAR!  YOU MUST HERE THESE!!!
That's right I am bringing sexy Samantha back after a long hiatus!
She's a little older, a little curvier and a lot WILDER!  I never
thought she would ever show us the "goodz" but it finally happened!
In this clip she shares that she has not used the bathroom in 3 days
and she recorded all of her candid farts up until the point she finally
UNLOADED!  And yes after she UNLOADED HER LOGS she
showed us the goodz!  See those white circles above?  Well if
you become a member of this site you can see this full video
and see what is under those circles!  Welcome Back SS!
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I love to watch Addison lay on her couch
in sexy panties and rip MONSTER FARTS
just for me!  So I had her do that custom
idea and it turned out HOT!  Her thick legs,
her sexy round butt.. her LONG farts!  This
"exclusive" clip will drive you wild along with
some sexy jean farts that she through in for
good measures.  Welcome Back Addie!!
The way she was farting like a CRAZY WOMAN
she absolutely showed no respect to that couch!
Click the door above to go directly to this update!
When I seen how big Addisons ass had gotten
I know I had to start working with her again!
She gave me some of her best stuff to feature
here on  This girl has always
been one of my favorites so it is nice to have
her here on a C World Entertainment site.
Sexy panty farts, jeans, some in public and
all of them have HUGE farts, she's cool like that!
Let's welcome her with open arms...  Addies Home!
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If there is one thing I know how to do it's make BASS!
One big ass plus one tight pair of jeans or leggings
mixed with gaseous foods like beans or brocculi and
what do you have?  BASS deep, rumbling BASS!  We
are happy to bring Veronica Steam to RO!  I asked her
to give me the best of her bassy fart clips and this hot
collection is what she came up with!  This girl can FART!

Click the door above to go directly to this update!
Betty is one of those rare models
that are able to get that "rumbly" fart
sound that fart lovers die for!  It is because
of her huge round ass and deep butt cheeks
and in these clips she is wearing tight jeans
and has her ass buried into the couch which
both scenarios take the bass to the next level!
You like big butts?  You like deep farts? We got em!
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Get ready to mark this off of your
"bucket list".  In your ultimate fantasy
you have always wanted a hot girl to
give you head while she is dropping
a BIG LOAD in the toilet!  In this
CUSTOM STYLE POV video you tell
Sereph about your fantasy.  She is
a little shocked as you can see in the
3rd pic she has that "you want me to what?!"
look on her face.  But you paid her One
thousand dollars to make this happen
for you!  Just Imagine this girl sucking
you off, while DROPPING MASSIVE
PLOPS and farting like a CRAZY PERSON!
After filling up the toilet you shoot your load
into her awaiting mouth!!  O M G!!
If you are a FREEKY BASTARD like me then
this video is a MUST SEE!
Click the door above to go directly to this update!
What if Brittany Moore started doing adult
content?  What if she was very sexually
adventurous and had grown up to be a wild
freeky chic?  Whenever I see Sereph Doll
I think of Brittany and what could have been.
Both curvy girls with beautiful faces, both
with that "girl next door" charm.  Sereph
just a bit freekier.  In this custom idea imagine
that you have paid her to fart for you after loading
up on gas producing foods.  She gets in all of your
favorite positions, she is wearing the perfect pants
so you can get your nose up in there and she is
LOADED with gas.  Shut off lites, enlarge screen
get out the Jergens and turn off your phone.. trust.
Click the door above to go directly to this update!
One thing I have learned about Big Booty Betty
is that she is a "2 Way Playa".  In other words
her toilet clips are just as fantastic as her regular
fart clips!  I am picking the best of the best of her
clips to feature here on RO and this time I got her
toilet clip, her face fart clip and a sexy candid video
of her wearing yoga shorts!  Her BIG BOOTY looks
so good in the yoga shorts and on the toilet she is ripping
The face fart video features 2 sexy BBW'S ripping farts right
up the poor/lucky guys nose.  This set has it all!!!
Click the door above to go directly to this update!
We have found the hottest new BBW on the scene and decided to feature
her on this site.  Meet Betty Dreadful!  Beautiful face.. big beautiful booty
and BIG BEAUTIFUL BUBBLY FARTS!  We hand picked some of the best content
 from her store and will be featuring her here on  In this clip she
really shows her AMAZING FARTING ABILITY!  She is already doing great clips
on her own and I cannot wait to see her do them GGG STYLE!
Click the door above to go directly to this update!
I had Sereph put on a summer dress and
fart in it while not wearing panties.  She was
shakin' her HUGE round ass the whole time!
Makin' that ass twerk, makin' the dress move
from her BIG RIPPERS and making some interesting
sounds with her long farts!  Fans have wanted more
Click the door above to go directly to this update!
This is the best face fart clip Sereph Doll
has ever done for us!  Not only are these her
BIGGEST FARTS!  But they were clearly very
very stinky and her bf could NOT take the smell!
Whatever she ate to film this set she better take
note because what ever it is helped her to produce
her most EXPLOSIVE and HORRID Farts of her career!
Click the door above to go directly to this update!
Every night before Sereph goes to sleep she blows
whatever she and her hubby had for dinner
back into his face in the form of a DUTCH OVEN!
They lay there, she sticks out that HUGE round
butt of hers and puts it right in his face and she pulls
the covers up and BLASTS AWAY!  She made a big pot roast
and they had left overs of that all week so she was ripping
some major SULPHUR into his nostrils!  Some of the farts
were so bad she could smell them seeping through the
covers!  I love the look on her face and she pushes those
LONG RELEIVING FARTS right into his face..  LUCKY GUY!
Click the door above to go directly to this update!
Sereph's bf loves to sniff her pre-poop farts
right before she sits down to drop her load.
Sometimes her turds are right there at the
door.. ready to come out so Sereph has to
really concentrate so she can push out the
poopy smelling fart BUT not push out the
actual poop when farting for her man.  It's
tough sleddin' but she has it down to a science!
Click the door above to go directly to this update!
OMG!!  You know how sometimes something
completely amazing happens to you and when
it's over you are like "what just happened?!"
Well... I just F*cked Sereph Doll!  Dude!!
first she asked me to go down on her and she
said she would fart in my face while I was
doing it!  Then she started giving me head on the bed
 and I could not believe it but she was farting
for me while she was sucking me off!!
  Next she let me hit it from the back!
Yep.. I was hittin' Sereph Doll doggystyle!
She was fartin' during that too!!  Of course
this made me want to come fast and as soon
as I was ready to shoot my load she got on
all fours and swallowed EVERYTHING!!!
I cannot believe all of this just happened to me!!
Crazy thing is... If you watch this POV video
you will SWEAR that it is happening to you too!
Click the door above to go directly to this update!
BBP in all the hot poses, different backgrounds
different outfits and DIFFERENT ATTITUDE!
Ladies and Gentlemen this is BBP GGG STYLE!
....your welcome.
Click the door above to go directly to this update!
Sereph went to pick her up bf from work and she became
upset when it took him a long time to come outside.  She
was sitting there for almost 10 min. farting up a storm!
She had to use the bathroom but he was taking forever so
she decided to punish him later by overdosing on ice cream
and dairy products (she's lactose intolorant) and blowing HUGE
SPOILED MILK FARTS right up his nose for the rest of the night!
She changed outfits several times and made sure that he sniffed
the fabric right where her fart came out each time!  Her goal was
to "punish him" but I think he was really enjoying himself.
Farts have a very strong odor right before you have to poop.
We all know that, well this guy is getting a nose full of them
because right before Sereph Doll drops a MASSIVE LOAD
he is there to sniff her Pre Poop Farts!  Over and over again
day after day he meets her in the bathroom right before she
goes and sniffs up those SULFURIC BOMBS right before
she sits down.  This is a FaceFart video like you've never seen!
This is Sereph Doll's first toilet farting
clip and let's just say she has hit the toilet
scene like BAH BAM!  These are MUST HEAR
TOILET FARTS!  She can really 'blow up" a bathroom!
It happens to the best of us.  On Sunday you had
chili dogs.  On Monday you had fish tacos and
on Tuesday you had Chinese food and a milk shake
that nite.  Combine those things together and for
the rest of the week what do you have?
Crazy Bad Gas!  That's right for 3 days straight
all Sereph could do was lay around and fart it out!
Relaxing.. just waiting for the bloated stomach to
release all that methane.  This is a very simple clip
with a LOT of gassy farts loaded in it.
No themes, no specific outfits none of that this time.
This clip is all about the "art of the fart"  Every girl we
work with gets a crash course in farting "ggg style".
Sereph has loaded up on her gassy food of choice
"pulled pork" and she is ready to rip the best farts!
Multi-toned rippers, bassy moaning farts... this clip
has put her well on her way to learning the "art of the fart".
This is the biggest, baddest, boldest booty in the biz
and she is down with C World Entertainment!  There
are most certainly bigger booties in the world but Queen
B's booty is the biggest booty I have seen on a normal
sized girl that has not crossed over into the "BBW"
category.  She's ALL BOOTY everything else is
normal sized.  This is her second clip with us and
her farts are awesome in this one too!  She is learning
the GGG way of doing things.  Now all must bow down to
the Queen of Big Booty Farting girls...  QUEEN B!!!!

We are very happy to bring you a brand new model and
 she fits in nicely with our long line of AMAZING ASSES!  
Meet Queen B!  She is your average "girlnextdoor"
type and she has decided to show her freeky side
to the fans of  Not since Stormy
 have we seen an ass with such size and girth!  It's
an ass to DIE FOR and she is a pretty good farter too!
Welcome to the fam bam Queen B!
After eating Mexican food all day Nichole Kidme has brought new meaning
to the term "bubble bath".  Watch her wash her sexy body and rip HUGE
farts during this sexy bath-taking session.  By the end of this clip the water
was actually starting to turn a little brown.. yea, I am not kidding! (get it)

Feast your eyes on C World Entertainments
newest find!  Sexy Sereph Doll is our newest
aquisition and this girl has all the right stuff!
Beautiful face, big round booty and lot's of GAS!
In this clip she is ripping WET, BUBBLEY BOMBS
in tight jeans, cute panties and totally naked!  Join
RO now to see her fantastic debut clip! It's long and loaded!
Nichole Kidme is dedicated to making the best fart videos that she can
possibly make.  She often eats 2 cans of refried beans, eggs loaded with
cheese and drinks a half gallon of milk before shooting!  Her farts are
EXPLOSIVE and some of the biggest and boldest we have seen!  But
these bombs do come at a price.. yep a lot of times she shits her pants!
We love her dedication to this job and from now on we are asking all of
our girls to be that loyal to the CWE.  So ladies SHIT YOUR PANTS FOR GGG!

Have you seen this woman?  She has been
all over the San Antonio Texas area farting
LOUD RUMBLY FARTS publicly.  Leaving
her stench where ever she goes.  Right in
front of people, right next to people, when
people are just about to get in the elevator!
No one has ever been this bold with their
flatulence.. she must be stopped!!!
Nikole Kidme is still carving out her place in fart girl history.
She has hit the scene and is already being mentioned as one
of the best farters to ever perform in this niche.  Only time will
tell where she will end up but after hearing these long, drawn out
bubblers, one things for sure....  She is the "Queen of Jean"
Godzilla is pissed off and he is coming
for all of us!  Something really made him
angry!  He is roaring for like 7-8 seconds
at a time!  THIS COULD BE THE END!!!!
err.. wait, nevermind.. it's just that cute
curvy, redhead chick farting again...
sorry guys..carry on... false alarm.

Just the last 3 updates alone add up to over 1 hour's worth of content!  
Well worth the subscription price without even taking into account the hundred's
of videos currently on this website.  444 to be exact!  Lots of Bang for your Buck!


You know how it is.. when you are on
vacation you eat very bad!  Well Nikole
is doing just that.  She is traveling right
now and eating out practically every nite!
Barbeque, Mexican food, great Chinese..
every nite a different gas producing meal!
Rather than blow up her hotel room she is
galavanting all around San Antionio Texas
ripping BASSY, LONG BUBBLERS leaving
all the locals around town to ponder...

Just the last 3 updates alone add up to over 1 hour's worth of content!  
Well worth the subscription price without even taking into account the hundred's
of videos currently on this website.  442 to be exact!  Lots of Bang for your Buck!
This is the video that fart lovers around the
world have been waiting for!  Sexy Nicole Kidme
had a big breakfast!  Scrambled eggs, sausage,
pancakes and a huge mug of coffee.  Simply put,
she is FULLY LOADED with gas!  She decided
to take the camera with her around all day long
so she could rip DEEP, BASSY, MOANING farts
in public places!  Fetishists were loving it I am
sure but if you are not a fart lover Nikole was
public enemy number one to those folks.
 We all know there is only one "queen" but
DEEP BASS FARTS!  Nikole Kidme is well
on her way to becoming fart girl "Royalty".  This
clip is over 20 min. long and is packed with farts
with very little lag time between them.  These
farts were so BIG and VIOLENT that they actually
started getting really WET towards the end.

Just the last 3 updates alone add up to over 1 hour's worth of content!  
Well worth the subscription price without even taking into account the hundred's
of videos currently on this website.  440 to be exact!  Lots of Bang for your Buck!
Big Beautiful Winds
 We are very proud to announce the addition
of NiKole Kidme to the C World Entertainment
family!  Beautiful face and big beautiful body!
But nothing is bigger than her BIG, LONG,
RUMBLY farts that come roaring out of her
huge ass!  You know we gotta start her off
in tight jeans but she got some sexy panties
and some bare assed ones in there too!

Just the last 3 updates alone add up to over 1 hour's worth of content!  
Well worth the subscription price without even taking into account the hundred's
of videos currently on this website.  440 to be exact!  Lots of Bang for your Buck!
Just Lay there and Fart

 This is a very simple candid video.  Ashley is
just relaxing on her bed and farting away as she
plays on her phone.  She did have to take a break
to blow her toilet out, but after that more laying and farting.

Just the last 3 updates alone add up to over 1 hour's worth of content!  
Well worth the subscription price without even taking into account the hundred's
of videos currently on this website.  436 to be exact!  Lots of Bang for your Buck!

 Doesn't matter if you are on the toilet, in panties,
jeans.. whatever the case.  If you got thick booty
cheeks like Ashley Dobbs you are going to get
some "booty bass" whenever you rip a fart!

Just the last 3 updates alone add up to over 1 hour's worth of content!  
Well worth the subscription price without even taking into account the hundred's
of videos currently on this website.  435 to be exact!  Lots of Bang for your Buck!

 Your sexy New Zealand girlfriend knows that
you find it sexy when she farts.  She is happy
to let you smell her butt right after she farts
but warning.. her farts are very stinky this week!
Be a good boyfriend, sit there and listen to her
talk and she will stick her round butt right in
your face every time she has to rip one!

Just the last 3 updates alone add up to over 1 hour's worth of content!  
Well worth the subscription price without even taking into account the hundred's
of videos currently on this website.  434 to be exact!  Lots of Bang for your Buck!
"She's got Legz!"

 Assley has put her thick sexy legs on display!
Ladylike farts is a classic fart clip scenario so
let's see how one of our newest modest puts it down.
Sexy business attire, huge farts and most importantly,
"she's got legz.... and she knows how to use them!"

More than ten years ago one of the very first girl fart videos I had ever seen was called "tale of many farts".
It was just a simple compilation of a hot chick farting around her house in all different sorts of scenarios.
Fast Foward to today.. the world of girls farting is bigger and thriving like never before!  So I bring you
one of our newest models "Assley" ripping farts all over her house in different outfits, poses and backgrounds.
This clips is LOADED with all types of farts.. a lot of them are HUGE which is very important... to us at least.
Our newest model Sophie U. Luv is turning out to be pretty wild!
She is really into fetishes that is why she is so good at this one.
Watch her fart in sexy, shiny spandex, leather, satin and even nude!
Her videos get better every week, it's only a matter of time before she's on top!
We are very happy to announce the signing of free agent Sophia!  We were looking for a new,
hot BIG BOOTY FARTING GIRL and look what we found!  Definitely one of the hottest ladies
on the scene right now! HUGE round ass, SEXY bubbley farts and a beautiful face too!  She's
a red head and I love red heads!  This is a proud day in Rotten Onionz history!  Introducing Sophia!
I had another dream that Ashley Dobbs was wearing tight jeans
and farting bassy farts in them for ever 18 MINUTES LONG!
This time she let me lay behind her and she kept farting back
to back to back.. nonstop!  They were all bassy and deep!
Apparently guacamole gives you really bad gas... who knew?!
I had a dream that Ashley Dobbs was wearing tight jeans
and farting bassy farts in them for ever 20 MINUTES LONG!
She did sexy poses in a candid setting and on top of that
she ended up farting violently and dropping applez on the toilet!

This 22 MINUTE VIDEO features a nice combination
of big beautiful asses!  A nice cameo from Sexy Sonia
showing off her big round ass.. then we have Stormy farting
in jeans and other tight sexy clothing.. an EXPLOSIVE
GUATA LA BABA clip from Lexxxi Lockhart and it is all
topped off with FACE FARTS!  Remember Danni?!  well her
man has the "fetish" so they did some face fart clips for me!
Forget Argoe.. THIS is the BEST movie of the year!!!!
"What did I eat?!"

Imagine you are sitting having a 20 minute
conversation with Ashley Dobbs.  She keeps
ripping fart after fart after fart and the room
is suddenly quite ripe!  The both of you are
sitting there in her stench pondering "what
did she eat?" to cause such awful smells.
Yes you heard me right this video is
long bubbley farts....Your welcome.
"Ashley Dobb's Pre P00P Pooties!"

Ashley was right in the middle of making a
lovely panty fart video for us when suddenly
she had to run to the bathroom!  See those
sexy candid farts she was sharing with us
were actually stinky pre poop farts.  Good
thing she made to the bathroom in time.
"101 Flatulations"

This right here is probably my favorite
Ashley Dobbs clip of all time!  This is a
10 minute video and she is farting NON STOP!
I mean literally fart after fart after fart!  There
has to be at least 30-40 farts in this vid.  Most
importantly they were all very deep and very
bassy.. just like I like them.  I wish I would have
been able to bury my face in that jean clad ass!
Just the sound of these farts will drive you wild!
November 5th 2012
"A Constant Barrage of BASS!"

Ashley has very bad gas and she could not stop farting!
She kept ripping back to back farts and they were all
bassy because of her big booty cheeks and tight jeans!
October 26th 2012
"Take my breath away"

Some of these farts were so LONG AND BUBBLEY that Ashley could not
push it all out at once.  It simply took her breath away trying to get out
all of that gas.  So if you like your farts long and drawn out.  CHECK THIS OUT!
October 16th 2012
"I dream of JEAN-ie"

I have been hoping and dreaming for Ashley Dobbs to do a sexy jean fart
video for years!  Very simple, very candid just a sexy lady with a big round
ass ripping BASSY, BUBBLEY farts one after another.  She is once again
a brunette which is an added bonus.  Ashley Dobbs is back in effect!
October 2nd 2012
"Stormy's Upskirt farts"

Stormy put on a sexy skirt and she is
letting you have a peek at what is underneath!
I will tell you what is underneath, A BIG ROUND BOOTY!
A farting round booty at that, get ready and take the mirror
off of your shoes.  She is letting you watch guilt free!
August 21st 2012
"The greatest ass on earth"

Stormy is clearly not the biggest
farter in the world of girl farts but
her ass alone makes her clips very
enjoyable to watch.  Its sheer GIRTH
will leave you in awe every time.  There
are some good rips in this clip too!  No
matter what you think about her farts
you gotta admit she has one of the
greatest asses ever!
August 13th 2012
"Who let the dog out?!"

Stormy's big round booty is on
the attack!  It sounds like a big,
angry dog barking and barking
over and over again.. or in this
case farting and farting over
and over again!  So the question
is....... "who let the dog out?!"
July 20th 2012
"Welcome to the Jungle"

Gumdokim proves in this clip that she is a
serious contender in the fart department.
These farts had incredible sound to them!
It sounded like "wild kingdom" coming out of
her ass!  Long, Bubbley, bassy cheek flappers
that will drive you wild!  They certainly drove me wild.
July 9th 2012
"Stormy Doggystyle"

Stormy is back ripping juicy
farts out of that big juicy ass
of hers.  This time she is doing
it doggy style.. can't beat a big
ass doggystyle.. can you?!
June 13th 2012
"12 min of Bubbley Wet Farts"

Just like the title says this is 12 min. of straight farting!
They were long, they were bubbley and they were very
wet!  As a matter of fact you could see the stains starting
to form on her cute polka dot panties.  Do Not Miss This One!
June 6th 2012
"Ashley Soils her Panties"

After ripping some of the best farts she has ever
ripped for us Ashley notices that she had an accident
in her panties!  Hey.. it happens to the best of us right?!
I like to look at it as a by product of the job.  Wet and Messy
lovers.. you are going to LOVE this NASTY clip!
May 30th 2012
"GodZilla Butt"

Two things stuck out to me about this particular update.
First Ashley Dobbs is back on the scene!  Second is the
sheer FEROCIOUSNESS of these farts!   These are definitely
her BIGGEST most IMPRESSIVE farts ever heard from Ashley Dobbs!
It really and truly sounded like GodZilla roaring out of her butt!
May 24th 2012
From youtube to the Big Time!
Gumdokim joins the RottenOnionz family.
This girl can FART! Nice long bubbly
ones too!  Who knew?! that she was
hiding this talent?!  This is a 5 min.
compilation and it will blow you away!

May 16th 2012
"Stormy's Fart Diary"
 We told Stormy to do a basic fart compilation for us!
No frills.. just her daily farts for a couple of days.  Fart
after fart after fart with no "lag" time.  Pretty nice rips
I must admit.  Please enjoy 5 mins. of Stormy's "funk".
May 3rd 2012
"Danni pressents another compilation"
 Meet our newest model "Danni".  She contacted us wanting a job
and here she is on her second set already!  Nice personality on cam
and a nice round boo tay which is always welcomed around here.
Most importantly this girl can fart!  This is a compilation style video..
no wait time just fart after fart after fart!  Please once again meet "Danni".
This girl can really rip them!  Lets support her she has a lot of potential!
April 25th 2012
"A Big Booty a day..."
 Whenever you are having a bad day just pull out a video of a
big, round farting butt.  Seems to work for me.  Stormy has been
away for a while but now she is back in all of her big booty glory!
Here on we pride ourselves on having the nicest
asses on the whole internet.  Fellas.. feast your eyes on this!
April 19th 2012
"5 minutes of funk with new model Danni"
 Meet our newest model "Danni".  She contacted us wanting a job
and here she is making her debut.  Nice personality on cam
and a nice round boo tay which is always welcomed around here.
Most importantly this girl can fart!  This is a compilation style video..
no wait time just fart after fart after fart!  Please once again meet "Danni".
From youtube to the Big Time!
Gumdokim joins the RottenOnionz
family!  Coming very very soon!
"Ol Skool Ashley"
January 12th 2012
Here is yet another never before released clip of
"Dobbs" This time she is farting in sexy leopard panties!
She looks so hot!  Hope you enjoy this "throwback" clip!
"Ol Skool Ashley"
January 4th 2012
Here is another never before released clip of
"Dobbs" This time she is farting in tight jeans
She looks so hot!  Hope you enjoy this "throwback" clip!
"Ol Skool Ashley Double Feature"
December 29th 2011
Here is a never before released clip of
"Dobbs" that is sure to please!  It has two
parts.. first she is farting while sorting laundry
in a "voyeur" type style and second an awesome
toilet fart clip!  Hope you enjoy this "throwback" clip!
"When Asses Attack!"
December 22nd 2011
"HELP HELP!"(says Stormy's shorts)
ass is attacking her shorts!  Fart after
fart after VIOLENT fart!  When ASSES ATTACK!
December 15TH 2011
I don't know what she ate but
some of these farts are HUMONGOUS!
Kore is a hell of a farter but some of
these are even big for her standards!
She is determined to carve out her own
niche in girl fart history!  "War, huuh!....
what is it good for?!  absolutely nothing"
December 8TH 2011
There are a lot of girls farting on camera
these days and after being online for 7
years we definitely have seen a lot of
models come and go.  Kore Goddess
wants to make sure you NEVER forget
about her!  There are a lot of girl fart
vids floating around but rarely do you see
or hear girls farting like this!  These are
farts ever caught on film!  Ladies and Gentlemen
Kore Goddes has declared WAR on the other fart girls!
"Didded on em!"
November 25th 2011
Man look at that ass!  When it
comes to big booty Stormy is
at the top of the pile and now
that her farts are BIGGER and
BETTER than ever she is most
definitely S(h) ittin' on top of the World!
November 18th 2011
Maybe just maybe the greatest
"big ass" in the whole world!  Stormy
has an ass like a wild boar!  Once
again these are some of the biggest
farts she has ever let out on camera
and she is farting VIOLENTY right
into your lucky face! HOOWWWDY!!
"Desert Storm"
November 10th 2011
Decked out in camouflage Sargent
Big Butt is reporting for dooty!  All
jokes aside this clip features Stormy's
BIGGEST and LONGEST farts ever caught
on Camera!  If you have been waiting to
see Stormy rip farts in the 3-4 second
range then YOU GOTTA SEE THIS!!
"The BIG apple"
October 7th 2011
I have been waiting patiently
to come up with the perfect
nickname for Stormy.  Queen
Wooty?! nah nah, King Kong
Booty?! nah, nah.. don't like
that one either.. got it!
"The Big Apple"  If you had told
me years ago that I would see an
ass that looks like THIS farting on
camera I would have told you to
'SHUT YO MOUF!"  this is...... HOT!!
"Love and Marriage 2"
September 29th 2011
Kore really gets a kick out of
torturing hubby with her HUGE
stinky farts!  He is a good sport
about it.. actually I think he kinda
likes it.  I know I would like it.  Kore
is one hell of a farter and she really
puts her skills on display in part 2
of this series!  Join Rotten Onionz today!
"Love and Marriage"
September 20th 2011
Ah yess...  Love and Marriage.
When you get married you must
love EVERY THING that your wife
does.  You must even put up with
her stinky gas!  For us around here
that is not a problem but for Kore's
hubby.. not so much.  Watch Kore
torture and annoy her husband with
ENORMOUS and STINKY farts!  As
a bonus it is all shot in high definition!
"Southern Comfort"
September 1st 2011
"I'm fixing to fart in you alls faces"
Watch the sexy MILF from the deep
south with the amazing ass fart just
for you!  In booty shorts and sexy boy
shorts she puts that ridiculous ass
right in your face and let's it rip!  When
she's done she's thinking "y'all come back
now, ya heah?!  I just love the "southern drawl"
"Frilly Farts"
August 16th 2011
Ashley Dobbs puts on a cute little
pair of "frilly" panties to fart in
for us.  She tells you exactly
where to put your nose just
before the bubbly farts start
rolling out!  This is not just
a Brunette with a big booty
farting for you, this is an
instructional video!  There
will be a quiz so study up.
"Another 5 minutes of funk"
August 13th 2011
Imagine if every time Stormy had to fart
she would walk over to you, stick her
big round booty in your face and release
the gas right into your nose!  Her gigantic
ass right there in front of you farting..
over and over and over again!  This is
what I dream about every nite!  Here it is!
"5 minutes of funk"
August 3rd 2011
We wanted to see Stormy do
a different type of video.  We
asked her to just tape her daily
farts.  Nothing too specific, just
tape all your farts for a couple
days and make a compilation.
This is a super hot "candid"
Stormy unlike you have
ever seen!  Join RO today!
July 26TH 2011
Mmmmm.. what would I do if I could
get a piece of all that ass every nite?
I know I would kiss it and caress it
a lot!  I know I would spank it!  I would
squeeze and and bury my face in it.
And OF COURSE I would sniff it especially
when it is farting LOUD like in this clip!
That's what I would do.. what would you do?
"Just lay there and fart"
July 19TH 2011
Ashley Dobbs curvy body is just simply
magnificent!  When you have 38 double EE
breasts and a huge, round booty like she
does it does not really take a lot to be "sexy".
She works hard for us and we gave her permission
to just relax, clean out her DVR and just fart away!
No special themes or outfits today just lay there
and rip bubbley fart after bubbley fart for us!
"Around the World in a day"
July 13TH 2011
Stormy's husband has been all around the "globe"
and when I say globe I mean Stormy's insanely
big ass!  He takes the camera and films Stormy's
ass from every angle while she is farting LOUDLY
in his face!  You can tell by her man's reactions
that these farts really STUNK!  Now this is an
expedition I would not mind going on!
July 5TH 2011
Let's see two of our best big booty
babes going head to head, booty to booty
in a BASSY FART BASS OFF!  These butts
 are big and these farts are bassy!  In one
corner, straight from the celebrity gossip
blog Media takeout we have Miss Mina!
In the other corner we have the curvalicious
Ashley Dobbs!  Which rump will win the
bassy fart bass off?  Join Now to find out!
June 21ST 2011
Ashley Dobbs is one of the most
curvy women on the planet!  In
this clip she farts EXPLOSIVELY
both on the bed and on the toilet!
I just love her body!  Now thats a
woman right there!  Big boobs,
big ol booty and big farts!  She's
got everything a man likes!
("bad maam'a jamma")
"Stormy Wins a Gassie Award!"
JUNE 14TH 2011
Stormy's morning farts!  These are the farts we have all been
dying to hear come from Stormy's ass!  These were some real RIPPERS!
For those of you that don't know we created an award for the best ever
sounding farts!  The very first "Gassie" was awarded to Chastity over on GGG.
After this set we had no choice but to honor Stormy for
great sounding farts!  These rips were HUGE and LONG!
These farts are quite different than what you usually hear from her.
Watching her HUGE ASS and listening to those HUGE FARTS
quite honestly was a bit too much for me to take in at one time!
* enter emoticon with bugged out eyes*
June 8TH 2011
Sexy Eve Taboo is known for one
Eve tells us that one day she wants
to be considered as one of the BEST!
With this clip she is on the right track!
She showcases her big round booty,
both in jeans and naked!  She even
does some EXPLOSIVE toilet farting!
Last but not least she showcases
those long, bubbley farts we spoke of!
"All about Eve"
June 1st 2011
She's baaaaaaaack!  Yes the
LONG, BUBBLEY fantasticness
is back! is very
proud to bring you the return of Eve
Taboo!  She is ready for her second
round here at C World and this time
she has really stepped her game up!
As a matter of fact... I don't want to
give it away but in this first clip you
will see Eve Taboo like you have never
seen her before!!  DON'T MISS THIS!
"Another REALLY big booty farting in your face!"
May 25th 2011
Again....let's keep it brief shall we?
What more do I really need to say?!
A THICK round booty farting LOUDLY
in your face!  What more can I say?!
"Mina- The Total Package"
May 17th 2011
Ms Mina aka Kim Fartashian is really
becoming a serious player in the world of
fart girls!  She is the Total Package!  Rather
it be voyeur style or fetish style, humilation
or giantess.  This girl can handle all the popular
styles of making fetish videos.  Tight spandex,
tight jeans, nudity.  This girl does it all!  Enjoy
this clip where she does several styles that
we all know and love!  Join R.O. today!
May 10th 2011
Sometimes it is hard to find
words to describe an update.
When I seen this GINORMOUS
ass wrapped in tight panty
hose ripping BIG, BUBBLEY
farts right into my face all I
could think of was mmmmmm.
"Ashley's got BAD GAS!"
May 3rd 2011
It happens to the best of us.  Over
like a 2 day period the combination
of foods that you have eaten have
combined to make MONSTER GAS!
It's like the farts will just not stop!
Very very stinky  and very very
consistent!  Poor Ash. can't even
get out of bed to join her family
because she does not want to
stink them out!  Yes even a
chick like Ashley who is so open
about farting is embarrassed to
bring THESE farts around other
human beings.  You know how it is
when you have ..... BAD GAS!
April 26th 2011
Miss Mina has really learned the "GGG"
way of doing clips!  I am going to go out
on a limb and say that even if you are not
usually a "BBW" fan that you will love this
clip!  Her ass is so huge in comparison to
her waste and she has such a cute face!
In this clip she is ripping BIG, BUBBLEY
farts while studying and reading... not
paying any attention to the camera.
Even if big girls are not your thing I
guarantee this clip will leave you
feeling "voyeuristic and hot".
April 19th 2011
Just imagine this GARGANTUAN sized ass
positioned doggy-style ripping fart after
fart right into your face!  Again, I must say
that Stormy has easily a top 3 best big booty
that I have ever laid eyes on and her farts for
us are BETTER THAN EVER!  If you are an
ass FANATIC and a fart FANATIC then
you will soon be a FANATIC!
April 12th 2011
I challenge ANYONE to show me a greater
ass than this!  Yes, Mistress Stormy is
shooting videos "GGG style" now!  This
is a moment I have been waiting for for
a very  long time.  On top of this out of
control ass, Stormy is ripping the BIGGEST
FARTS EVER!  Booty Fanatics rejoice!
Stormy is family now and it is about to
get real CRAZY around here!
April 5th 2011
We just signed a deal with Stormy
to work EXCLUSIVELY with RO!
Now we must present to you,

"Jeans and Jammies"
March 30th 2011
Two of my favorite outfits!  Jean farts
are great for obvious reasons.. they are
a staple in the world of fart fetish.  Pajamas
are great because they usually fit nice and
snug into the ass of the model and when
receiving face farts pj's are great because
the thick material holds in the smell longer!
Too Much Info??... anyhoo..... see our newest
big booty fart model farting LOUD AND PROUD
in the aforementioned apparrel.
"Tunafish and Mayo"
March 15th 2011
Wouldn't you love to just hang out with
Ashley Dobbs while she is laying on her
bed ripping LONG, BUBBLEY farts!?  I know
I would!  Her legs are so thick and shapley,
her ass is so round and her face is BEAUTIFUL!
According to her these farts smelled like tunafish
and mayo.. probably because that is what she had
for lunch before her evening nap.  I wish I was there
to give her a second opinion on that.
"Miss Mina- GGG STYLE!"
March 8th 2011
It's no secret that we have our own
unique style of shooting content.
There are many fart models on the
scene right now and we love to take
certain chicks and have them do clips
OUR way!  Mina has been around for a
while.. she is a BBW dream girl and she
does great clips without question.. But
NOW she is doing them GGG STYLE!
Long time fans know EXACTLY what
that means!  Lovers of BIG girls.. this
is a BIG day... Don't Miss this!
"Cass got Gass!"
March 1st 2011
Holy Moly Lady Cass got
BAD GAS!  Long, deep,
bellowing farts that sounded
like they hurt coming out!  Some
candid, some on the toilet, all of
them HUGE!  Like her whole insides
were coming out in the form of stinky
air.  If you are a Lady Casanova fan
you gotta see this!  These are
 her biggest farts yet!
"Skinny Jeans"
February 23rd 2011
When a full figured babe like Ashley Dobbs
puts on a pair of "skinny jeans" they are no
longer "skinny jeans".  Once those thick
thighs and curvy ass fills out that denim they
turn into plain ol tight jeans!  So whats better
than a hot babe ripping DEEP, BASSY farts in
skin tight jeans?  I got the answer.... nothing.
"Keeping up with the Fardashians"
February 16th 2011
Ms. Mina is such a cutie!  She definitely
reminds me of one of the Kardassians!
Can't you just imagine her saying "Heeeey Kourt!"
This week she is pissed at her roommate for using
her car so she is farting all over her priceless
antique dolls!  Yea.. I know.... kinda mean.  Some
really good farts in this one too!  She farts all over
her roomates expensive dolls and even shoves them
up her ass!  Don't mess with a Fardashian!
"Kim Fardashian"
February 8th 2011
I really like this Ms. Mina!  I like her
personality and I like her look!  She kinda
reminds of like a long lost Kardasshian.  Like
she was seperated at birth from the rest of the
girls!  Same look, same GIGANTIC ass genes.
I wonder if the rest of the girls can FART LOUDLY
like this one can?  BBW lovers rejoice here is a
little bit more of Ms. Mina AKA "Kim Fardashian"
"Miss Mina........ BITCHES!"
February 2nd 2011
We have been trying to work a deal
with this amateur porn ICON for some
time now and FINALLY we bring BBW
Miss Mina to!  If you
love BIG, THICK curvy asses then you
will be in love like I was!  Not to mention
this babe can FART!  This is just the first
of many to come from the legendary BBW
 Miss Mina and!  JOIN NOW!!
January 12th 2011
Very powerful farts in this clip!
Some Candid, some on the
toilet... ALL of them very hot!
Lady G. gives great commentary
in this vid, explains the smell
and how these powerful farts
affect her whole life!  BBW
farts.. YAY! (although she
is not nearly as "b" as
she used to be) I will tell
 you one thing... "No one
chick should have all that
"Volcanic Ash!"
January 5th 2011
In this candid clip Ashley is
just laying there, showcasing
her GINORMOUS ass, letting
long, drawn out bubbley farts
erupt out of her booty!  This is
some "volcanic ash" that I
would not mind at all getting
all over me!  Her "donk" looks
amazing and these farts sound
amazing, especially in the jeans!
Big Booty, Big Farts, Join Now!
"LOST"  The BJ Files...
DECEMBER 29th 2010
These are new and never
before seen BJ clips!  Nice
BASSY rips and sexy toilet
clips!  Scanning my harddrive
and came across these lost
BJ clips and decided to pass
them along to her loyal fans!
Get ready for 2011 because is about
to HEAT UP!  Happy New Year!
"Special Effects"
DECEMBER 21st 2010
No its not the new "Tron"
movie.. its not the recent
"Iron Man" picture or anything
like that... the EXPLOSIONS you
are hearing are from Lady Gass
sitting on the toilet and
farting her ass off!  Long,
deep, bellowing farts!
Her toilet bowl will never
be the same!!
"Ashley Dobbs wins a Gassie Award!"
For those of you that don't know we created an award for the best ever
sounding farts!  The very first "Gassie" was awarded to Chastity over on GGG.
After this set we had no choice but to honor Ashley Dobbs for
great sounding farts!  These rips were so LONG and BUBBLEY
I am sure you will agree!  They had quite a bit of BASS to them
as well!  Watching her HUGE ASS and listening to those HUGE FARTS
quite honestly was a bit too much for me to take in at one time!
* enter emoticon with bugged out eyes*
DECEMBER 8th 2010
Bj is back with her usual big BASSY
bombastic farts!  Some of these were
very melodic, some sounded like a tuba
and yes a few of them sounded just like a
"blow horn".  If big asses and BIG FARTS
are your thing then don't miss out on this!
Couple of apple dropping clips mixed in as well!
BOOM BOOM BOOM!  Don't worry it is
not the "car x man" It is Lady G blastin'
more DEEP BELLOWING farts down the
toilet bowl!  Lots of great, EXPLOSIVE
toilet farts with a couple candids mixed
in for good measure!  If you loved last
weeks "cattle call" just wait to see
what she has in store for you this week!
"Cattle Call"
NOVEMBER 23rd 2010
Lady Gassanova is letting off
a cattle call in her bathrom for you!
If you like LOOOOONG bassy farts
echoing in the toilet bowl then this
is the clip for you!  Of course a little
apple dropping mixed in for good measure!
"The Human ButtBoxx!"
NOVEMBER 10th 2010
"Phat asses are back! and you know they
will never be wack"  Yes this clip took me
back to the funky fresh days of the earlier 80's
Stormy's ass was letting out EXPLOSIVE, WET
farts and such a rhythmic pace that it reminded
me of a fresh beat box!  PUU HAHA PUUUUU HAHAHAAAA!
This is another upclose and personal gem from Mistress Stormy!
"Here comes the rain again"
NOVEMBER 10th 2010
Poor Stormy has a bad case of GUA TA LA BA BA!
Just when she thinks her stomach has settled
down, here comes the rain again!  If hearing
a hot babe VIOLENTLY explode on the toilet
is not your thing than just turn the volume down
and gaze at that amazing BA DOINKY DOINK of
and ass!  I personally could look at it all day long!
"RAWR RAWR Like a Dungeon Dragon!"
Watch Stormy sit down and fart VIOLENTLY
on the toilet!  Great angle of that amazing ass
of hers, booty lovers are gonna wanna see this!
If you are a fan of her "BOOTZILLA" and 'WILD HOG"
movies then you need to see these clips!  Strictly
for my "apple dropping" and "fart on the toilet"
crowd, this is our second update of the R.O.
EXCLUSIVE toilet fart series from Mistress Stormy!
"Screamin' Demon!"
OCTOBER 26th 2010
Watch sexy Stormy plop her huge ass
onto the toilet and fart violently down
the toilet bowl!  This is an exclusive
series to be featured only on  Our fans have been
asking for more apple dropping clips and
Mistress Stormy is one of our toilet fart
favs!  Join now to see the Screamin' Demon
echoing bubbley farts down the toilet bowl!
"Vicious Circle"
OCTOBER 19th 2010
Ashley Dobbs has got to be the most
CURVACIOUS woman I have ever seen
in my life.  The exact definition of voluptous!
Stop for a second and look at her ass in that
first picture.. simply AMAZING!  Her ass is
like a gigantic round circle and in this clip
here farts are BUBBLE-TASTIC and just
plain vicious.  These are some of the
LONGEST farts she has ever ripped on
camera and one of the best sets she has done!
"Don't be farty for the party!"
OCTOBER 12th 2010
Lady Cass has been going out clubbing
a lot lately to show off her new slim and
trim body.  She always lets out all of her
farts while she is at home so she is not
fartin' up a storm at the club.  She puts
on her cute dress, gets her make up
together, then begins farting like a
MAD WOMAN!  She even farts on the
toilet in this clip.  Take a que from Lady Cass.
"Don't be farty for the party!"
OCTOBER 5th 2010
When most people think of a
"faceplant" they think of some kid
on a skateboard that falls on his face!
When I think of faceplant I think of
planting my face deep between the
buttcheeks of Ashley Dobbs!  Her ass
is so round and juicy and the farts
sound so bubbly in this clip!  
Smother me Ashley Dobbs!  PLEASE!
"Long Farts Echoing Down the Bowl"
SEPTEMBER 15th 2010
Every time Lady Gasanova has to go "number one"
she always farts so VIOLENTLY that she cannot
be sure that her trip to the bathroom will not turn into
a "number two".  She captured some really good ones
for us to enjoy!  If you like to watch girls farting on the toilet
and you love to listen to huge farts echoing down the bowl
then this is a great clip for you to enjoy!  Join Now!
"The Second Awarded Gassie Award!"
SEPTEMBER 1st 2010
For those of you that don't know we created an award for the best ever
sounding farts!  The very first "Gassie" was awarded to Chastity over on GGG.
After BJ turned in these BOMBS we had to give her the hardware!
These are the DEEPEST, BASSIEST jean farts you will ever her in
your whole life!  THIS IS A MUST SEE/HEAR!  Join Rotten Onionz today!
"Gassive Attack!"
AUGUST 24th 2010
Sometimes you just have REALLY BAD GASS!  We have all been through it and Lady G. is
going through it right now!  We at C World call that a "Gassive Attack".  Lady G.
thought she would have some fun with her bad gas so she did some really cool stuff!
She did the ol "baby powder"  trick and she had some really good long rips on
 the toilet!  She even dropped apples... this is not to be missed!
"Gassanova's Eruptions!"
AUGUST 17th 2010
Lady GassaNova has flown  under
the girl fart "radar" for some time
now!  What people really don't know
about this girl is that SHE CAN FART!
Join now to check out her long, loud
ERUPTIONS on both the toilet and
in a candid setting!  Get your
membership to RO today!
"More Booty More Farts!"
AUGUST 10th 2010
Ashley Dobbs is back with that
 amazing booty!  Nice and round.
Farting and showing you her
DONK from every angle.  Sporting
sexy full back purple panties, this
is yet another fartlover/buttlover
appreciation clip!
Every good fart girl deserves a good
nickname!  I am calling Lady Cassanova
GASSanova now!  She has lost a whole bunch
of weight and she looks amazing but she has
lost NONE of her farting skills!  As a matter of
fact her skills in that area have improved!  Watch
her fart on the toilet, in the car, on the couch..
just about everywhere... just stinkin' up the place!
"Pure Sulphur"
JULY 27th 2010
Kore has been eating a ton of red meat
lately.  Steaks, hamburgers and her favorite...
all beef hotdogs.  She says red meat makes
her farts smell like PURE SULPHUR.. you know
the smell.. AKA the "typical fart smell".  You know
that unmistakable smell.  She really enjoys making
her hubby sniff those long sulphuric bombs!  Look at
the look on her face.. can't you tell?!  She pushes out
these drawn out stinkers right into a container and
makes hubby sniff it all!  So CRUEL.. or so COOL?
Join and you be the judge!
"Spanish Queen Combo"
JULY 14th 2010
Here is a nice combination of toilet farts
and candid farts from Isabella.  So if you are
a lover of both EXPLOSIVE toilet farts and
sexy candid farts, as only Isabella can deliver
then this is the clip for you!  Join
"Wild Thing"
JULY 9th 2010
Of all the girls we work with Ashley Dobbs
has to be the WILDEST!  She loves to make
the deepest, darkest fantasies come true
for her loyal fans.  Appropriately she is
wearing cheetah print lingerie in this
AND APPLE DROPPING! Another classic!
"Isabella's Fart Blog"
JUNE 30th 2010
The Spanish Queen is very sexy
but she is equally as entertaining
on camera.  In this fart blog she
talks about the fetish, the way her
farts smell and of course rips HUGE,
BUBBLEY farts in between the dialogue.
She even ends this clip with an EXPLOSIVE
toilet scene at the end.  Join RO to see Isabella
doing what she does best... farting and entertaining you!
"BJ's Tuba Solo"
JUNE 23RD 2010
These farts were BASSY!  Deep sounding
rippers that only a girl with a SUPER BOOTY
can deliver!  Her butt is so BIG AND ROUND!
if you are an ass lover she is the model
for you! JEAN FARTS! Join RottenOnionz today!
JUNE 8TH 2010
After you so see a set of the very sexy Lady Casanova
 ripping LONG, LOUD farts you need to know you have
 just been CASStrated!  Lady Cass is back with her very
awesome personality and her even more awesome farting
 skills.  Most of these rips are done in a "candid" setting.
  Join today!
"Nasty 5 Second Long Tuba Farts!"
MAY 25TH 2010
No it is not a horror movie but it is the best way
I could describe the farts that were coming out
of BJ's ass!  They were long, bassy and VERY WET!
I think she soiled herself on just about every fart!
BJ fans your Big Booty goddess has turned in
yet another classic!  Join RO today!
"Who wants a BJ?"
MAY 19TH 2010
Man, it's been a long time since I had a good BJ!  Like most
guys I just LOVE a good BJ!  After a long day at work the
first thing I do is take a hot shower, drink a couple of beers
and have a good BJ experience!  That huge round ass,
those BIG, LONG, BASSY farts!  I just love it when she
puts her ass close to the screen in those tight jeans!  Bare
assed farts are hot too!  I love the sounds her farts make
you can tell by the way they sound that they really STUNK!
I just love BJ's! wait....
what did you think I was talking about?
MAY 4TH 2010
One of our original hotties has come back to see us!
Isabella is back with a great combo clip!  Long, sexy
candid farts and some hot TOILET FART/ APPLE DROPPING
action!  This girl is etched in history has one of our most
popular models ever!  Join now to see the
incomparable Spanish Queen On!
APRIL 28TH 2010
I love Gigantic asses!  I just want to kiss them,
 caress them, squeeze them.  I love when beautiful girls
let out their sexy farts!  So as you can imagine
there is nothing more that I like than a beautiful, big booty girl
farting her ass off!  Ashley Dobbs is definitely a "cutie with a booty"
and in this clip she rips some nice BUBBLY farts!  Big Booty
 Tooties from a Big Booty Cutie!  This clip is shot voyeur style with
Ashley just hanging out at home watching some television.
APRIL 22ND 2010
"Where's the beef?"  Just like that old lady asked in the 80's
Fart lovers have been searching far and wide for the girls
that can REALLY fart!  We found the beef!  Right here
on  Eve Taboo rips some of the BIGGEST,
LONGEST, BEEFIEST farts we have heard in a very long time!
You are going to fall in LOVE with the sound of these farts!
Whoever filmed this and got to be there when THESE farts
happened in one lucky son of a biootch!!!
APRIL 13TH 2010
Lady Casanova is back looking better than ever!
She has lost a LOT of weight but has loss NONE of
her great farting skills!  She is awesome on camera and
has a great personality.  Always one of our favorites.. join
now and see some "lady gass" from "Lady Cass"
APRIL 6TH 2010
I have been doing this for a very long time but I
will tell you one thing, I never get tired of a BIG, PLUMP
farting ass!  I just love the way Ashleys farts come out
some BUBBLEY!  She looks so good laying on the
bed with that big round ass sticking in the air!
 I know, I know.. I wish I was there too!
APRIL 2ND 2010
Eve Taboo is quickly making a name for herself in the world of
Girl Farts!  And as far as all of the updates we have posted so
far this is definitely the "sweetest" Eve Taboo clip so far!
The sound of her LONG, DRAWN OUT bubbley farts will drive
you crazy!   She is thick and shapely and she really knows how
to tease the camera with her sexy, BASSY farts!  If you are not
already on the Eve Taboo bandwagon then it is time to JUMP ON!
MARCH 24TH 2010
Sometimes simplicity is the key.  We have been doing this for a
very long time and I can tell you from experience that LONG
BASSY JEAN FARTS never get old!  BJ is back and so is her
big bionic BOO TAY!  BJ fans get your membership TODAY!
MARCH 17TH 2010
Eve Taboo has crossed over to the next level!  
THIS GIRL CAN FART!  These my friends are the
I have heard in a very long time!  I can consider her
Brittany Moore reincarnated but truth of the
matter is this girl is making her own name in
the world of fart girls.. EVE TABOO!
March 9th 2010
This week on we have yet
 another BBW beauty returning to the seen!
She is a fart fetishist herself so she really knows what
 we like to see on camera. Young, curvy and a hell of a farter! Bombastic BJ returns to
March 2nd 2010
Eve Taboo's farts were so LONG, WET AND BUBBLEY she
actually ended up soiling her panties and jeans! She took
off her panties and threw them away and put her sexy jeans
in the washing machine and of course she continued farting
for us! What a trooper! If you would like to see this video
Join Today!