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ROTTEN ONIONZ!   For this custom fantasy I told Santana. your boyfriend made you eat 12 eggs so you could fart in his face Throughout the video she says, You are such a weirdo, I can't believe you made me eat a dozen eggs just so I could fart in your face. Your face is going to melt! Man they stink so bad. How can you stand that smell? Oh my God! This whole house smells like rotten eggs! I can smell them all the way up here! You are one sick person! she even laughs out loud a few times because she can't believe how bad they smell and they're right in your face!

ROTTEN ONIONZ!  Your roommate really needs to take a big dump, but you insist on smelling her farts first! She tells you, I am warning you! when you smell this fart it's going to smell really bad. I've been constipated and I really need to use the bathroom. I've been backed up for 3 days!

 ROTTEN ONIONZ! THE RETURN OF DAKOTA RAIN! Dakota is back on the scene and she is ready to fart in your face again. She doesn't care that you are her Stepbrother, you guys do this all the time and she's ready to do it again! but be careful they smell  really bad!

ROTTEN ONIONZ!  in red fucking LATEX! 

 these long MULTI TONED farts were hard for Santana to push out! when she farts..

"fuck fuck... yess... yess. fuck fuck fuck.. feels so good pushing these out.. fuck fuck... yes.. yes yes" as she pushes out each fart

ROTTEN ONIONZ! watching the queen of farts dance around the apartment is SO HILARIOUS!  she was farting like a fucking CRAZY WOMAN!!! BRUMMMPPPHHHP BRUMMMPPPHHHP PRRPPZ! they came EXPLODING outta her ass with every funny dance move! BRUMMMPPPHHHP BRUMMMPPPHHHP PRRPPZ!  The amazing qof is back!

these long MULTI TONED farts were hard for Santana to push out! when she farts..

"fuck fuck... yess... yess. fuck fuck fuck.. feels so good pushing these out.. fuck fuck... yes.. yes yes" as she pushes out each fart


back at it! ROCSI wants you to sniff her nasty gas and eat her nasty ass right after she just got off the toilet.. she tells you....

"Taste it, do you like the way it tastes? Open my cheeks and get your tongue in there. Taste it baby I love being dirty for you."

part 3- ROTTEN ONIONZ! this time Rocsi is back at it in TIGHT JEANS! these long farts are EXTRA DEEP and BASSY! like a  MOOSE CALL or a cow going MOOOOOOOO!  deep and long and with a sexy sigh of relief after every drawn out blast!

part 5- ROTTEN ONIONZ droppin' gemz! your step-mom has a present for you... she is going to place that HUGE ass right in your face and blast her LOUD GAS all over your nose and mouth while teasing you the whole time! asking you "do you want it?" and telling you just where to place your nose! "between my cheeks"

part 2 ROTTEN ONIONZ strikes again!  Watch Rocsi place that HUGE ass right in your face and blast her LOUD MORNING GAS all over your nose and mouth while teasing you the whole time! asking you "do you want it?" and telling you just where to place your nose! "between my cheeks"

in this CUSTOM FANTASY Santana explains to YOU her roommate that she is very horny tonight and since her boyfriend is being a "dick" she is going to have sex with YOU.. she sits on the counter and lets her LONG BUBBLY FARTS vibrate the table because she knows it will get you good and hard so you can fuck her GOOD! she tells you

"tonight is your lucky nite, i am horny and my boyfriend is being a dick so you are fucking me tonight" then she farts and says,,, "you like that don't you, they smell just like eggs" and as she pushes out the farts "fuck fuck... yess... yess. fuck fuck fuck.. feels so good pushing these out.. fuck fuck... yes.. yes yes"

then at the end of the clip you have POV sex! as she tells you "im ready to fuck"

FUCKING HOT HOT HOT!!! look at that ROTTEN ONIONZ!  well Dakota likes farting in guys faces but her boyfriend won't let her do it so she asks YOU her STEP-BROTHER to bury your face into her ROUND ASS after these long bubbly farts... it really turns her on so she is asking again... "pretty please?"


PT 4 Santana is back with another heater!  watching Santana Redd rip LONG DRAWN OUT FARTS in sexy tight jeans is so hot and then that sexy MOAN.. that SIGH OF RELIEF after every long blast makes the clip even HOTTER!

part 4- the QOF stuffed that ROTTEN ONION in tight jean shorts and is ready to fart in your face ALL NIGHT LONG! I hope your face and nose are ready!  these farts sound DEEP, RUMBLY and fucking BASSY!

man! she got one of them big ol ROTTEN ONIONZ! LONG drawn out deep BLASTS in your face from your sexy step-mom!  she wants you to bury your face in it! she will keep your secret! no one is home just YOU and HER! she quickly calls you over to her butt because you are missing some GOOD ONES!

PART 2! with one of the best ROTTEN ONIONZ THE GREATEST FART MODEL TO EVER WALK THE EARTH HAS RETURNED!!!! I promise you you have NEVER HEARD FARTS LIKE THIS!  extra loud! sounded like A DUCK WAS SCREAMING from her ass! you have to buy this video!  I will go on record to say these are the GREATEST NAKED FARTS EVER RIPPED and by the sound of them you would NEVER know she was naked!!

Rocsi is quickly becoming one of the top farters in the world! watch her point that ROTTEN ONION in your face and rip BIG LONG GIRTHY FARTS that have that BIG BERTHA EVE TABOO type of sound!!

which of these FART QUEENS have the sexier sounding farts?? you decide!  Jenn versus Rocsi in an epic FART BATTLE!

My step-mom is trying to seduce me with
her farts!  Everytime she is around me she
is sticking out her ass and farting close to
my face and they STINK!  Why is she doing this?
Is she trying to seduce me with her eggy farts??
I never should have told her I thought girls farting
as sexy!

NEW GODDESS JENN! NEW GODDESS JENN!  In one of her BEST CLIPS EVER Goddess jean orders you to get behind her so she can blow fucking long TUBA FARTS down your nose and mouth! so long... so fucking BASSY these FART SOUNDS will make you so fucking horny!

PART 2!  Rocsi owes YOU, her roommate money... you like farts... so you are making her pay you back in farts... she is pissed! she hates this.. but she does it anyway.  every time she has to fart she must fart in your face.. ROCSI SAYS-- "well here is your stupid fart.... now fuck off!"

Rocsi explains to you that you have been very bad and you must have a punishment for your very bad behaviour.  You will be looked in her closet and you must sniff her EXTRA STINKY farts all day long!  That is the best punishment she could think of because you have DISAPPOINTED her and you must be disciplined for your bad actions.

NEW GODDESS JENN!!!!  in this CUSTOM FANTASY you have were screaming at your date last night at the restaurant and GODDESS JENN over heard you.  she DOES NOT like how you treat women so she followed you home... tied you up... and decided she was going to FART IN YOUR FACE ALL NIGHT to teach you a stinky lesson!



I make myself comfortable on the black leather living room chair, where I take a seat, but not before making myself comfortable by stripping out of my boxers. The sight of my already hard dick is certainly more than enough to get Mona absolutely horny and naughty, and when I order her to crawl over here and suck it like a good girl, she doesn’t hesitate, so she crawls on over, once again FARTING WITH EVERY STEP. Mona then begins to SUCK MY COCK while keeping her huge ass bent up, the best she could, while on her knees, and of course, letting those SPECIAL BASS FILLED FARTS, I love so much, loose. She praises and encourages me by saying things to me like, “Your dick is so big and so hard, I love it”, “I love that you enjoy my bassy farts”, “You like it when I fart for you and suck your cock at the same time, don’t you honey?”, “I don’t know how much harder you can get until you burst, honey, it’s so fucking big”, “When are you going to fuck me because I want it so bad!”, etc. Not only this, but every so often she looks up at me to give me a playful wink, before going back to town on my dick while her dirty words, and special bassy farts keep on coming.

THIS IS SO FUCKING AMAZING!!!  Santana wants you behind her while she blasts your face with LONG DEEP GASSY FARTS!  the HOT PART is as she pushes out the farts she talks and moans with every push! "fuck that feels so good coming out on your face, fuck fuck fuck (fart) yes yes yes (fart)"  she also tells you...

 "phew.. what the fuck is that smell... why do they smell like that? i am rotten"

"imagine being back there while I blow this fucking hurricane all in your face"

(WHAT DO THE FARTS SOUND LIKE?) well these farts were DEEP AND LOW!  BASSY.. kinda like that low toned TROMBONE sound we all love!  Santana is known for really DEEP MUFFLED sounds!

FENNIXX ASSHOLE ITCHES REALLY BAD!  she can't stop scratching it!  so she had an idea.. she would use her SUPER POWERFUL BUBBLE FARTS to help scratch her asshole as these FORCEFUL FART BOMBS vibrate her cheeks as she farts all over her fingers while scratching her itchy asshole!

after ripping LONG BRITNEY MOORE TYPE BLASTS ALL OVER YOUR FACE she also tells you! "my pussy is so wet...(fart) inhale it you fucking pig inhale it!"

in this CUSTOM FANTASY your girl friend came home from a party with her friends after a big dinner and lots of beer! she says "honey I have been holding these in all night" and she starts to fart in your face over and over again in a sexy pose.. about halfway through she says.... "I have to take these tight pants off.. I ate too much"... and she continues farting in your face after her big dinner with lots of beer! and these LONG BUBBLY FARTS were fucking SPECTACULAR!!

In this custom Debbie is responding to a personals ad. To show me what she's capable of, she turns her house in a kind of REALITY TV house for the next MONTH and let ME pay to watch and decide if she's the girl I'm looking for. In the end she will call me to ask if I am satisfied and wants to meet her for real.
Debbie wears black leather pants or a tight dress (no panties) when coming home from work
Debbie does some walking farts
Debbie does arm-pumping farts (the movement of her arm show the length of her farts)
Debbie does multi part farts (short, short and then a long one) at full power.
Debbie does unaware farts (just like the ring camera farts). I'd love her to walk outside several times to fart an extreme loud one. Or when she arrives home, gassy as hell.
Debbie does flour farts in the bedroom
Debbie teases the guy while bending over with no panties on
I love extremely powerful loud blasts! THIS IS PART 4!!

FENNIXX wants her ASS FUCKED so bad!  but first.. she wants to SHART in her cheeks and make it REALLY DIRTY for you..  so she proceeds to push out LONG WATERY SUPER POWERFUL FARTS!!! then she wants you to FUCK HER ASS..... HARD!  you hit it POV doggy at the end of the clip!

Fennixx farts are coming out with such POWER if you look closely at her ass you can see the LATEX PANTS VIBRATING when she pushes each of these farts out!  she is the fucking QUEEN of farts!

FENNIXX owes you rent for this month.. so you told her "every time she farts she has to walk backward toward you. fart with EVERY STEP aka DO THE FART WALK.. and then bring her ass over to your nose so you can bury your face in her butt and sniff it"  she is PISSED.. she thinks it is so dumb that you are asking her to do all of that but she does owe you money.. so she must comply with your wishes.  after every deep musty fart that you sniff from her ass she must do it again next time.  she asks you "dude, why do you have me doing all this weird stuff?" and after you sniff her fart she tells you "well theres your fart.. I hope you are happy"