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Santana starts off this video by telling you... "DON'T YOU EVER FORGET ABOUT SANTANA REDD AND HER BLACK LEATHER PANTS YOU LITTLE BIDDIE BITCH!!" then she gives you the finger and proceeds to rip the DEEPEST, LONGEST MOST BASSY TUBA FARTS I have ever heard!!!  ALL IN LEATHER PANTS!!!!

Fennixx farts are coming out with such POWER if you look closely at her ass you can see the LATEX PANTS VIBRATING when she pushes each of these farts out!  she is the fucking QUEEN of farts!

FENNIXX owes you rent for this month.. so you told her "every time she farts she has to walk backward toward you. fart with EVERY STEP aka DO THE FART WALK.. and then bring her ass over to your nose so you can bury your face in her butt and sniff it"  she is PISSED.. she thinks it is so dumb that you are asking her to do all of that but she does owe you money.. so she must comply with your wishes.  after every deep musty fart that you sniff from her ass she must do it again next time.  she asks you "dude, why do you have me doing all this weird stuff?" and after you sniff her fart she tells you "well theres your fart.. I hope you are happy"

another hot entry from new model INDICA SOUL!  she is coming along nicely and ready to take on all the other fart queens out on the scene!  She kinda gives me BOSSY DELILAH vibes.. without the DOM feel!  I love this girl!  it's the INDICA SOUL take over!

You have met with Fennixx for another session of FART FETISH THERAPY.  she is sticking her ass right in your face and ripping LONG TUBA FARTS in black leather pants!  but she warns you.. her farts STINK LIKE EGGS today and she cautions you that they are REALLY BAD!

You have met with Fennixx for another session of FART FETISH THERAPY.  she is leaning to one side and ripping LONG TUBA FARTS in black leather pants!  but she warns you.. her farts STINK LIKE EGGS today and she cautions you that they are REALLY BAD!

Only here to please you. Sexy Santana knows you have a fart fetish and her only purpose is to rip LONG BASSY JEAN FARTS for you so you can sniff them and enjoy your fetish!  she is a FART FETISH GENIE!

It may be the pose.. it may be the SKIN TIGHT JEANS.. look I don't know what it is but these are some of the most AMAZING FART SOUNDS I HAVE EVER HEARD!  sounded like she is SAWING HER ASSHOLE IN FUCKING HALF!  like if JACKIE DA RIPPER and BRITNEY MOORE had a baby.. and named her BIG BERTHA


yep.. at the beginning of this clip she tells you point blank-- GET READY MUTHA FUCKAS! IT'S TIME TO BLAST THE FUCK OFF! then she lifts her leg and let out a long BERRRRRRRRNT! and she keeps farting POWERFUL farts one after the other...  time to BLAST OFF!  let's fucking GOOOOOOOOO!!


I told Fennixx to DESCRIBE what her long bubbly farts smell like for us!  ROTTEN EGGS, CABBAGE and straight DOOOKIE were just some of the smells she described.  she RIPS THE FART then turns around and sits RIGHT IN THE FART CLOUD so she can tell us exactly what it smells like!!

Fennixx says her farts are so SMELLY and STINKY that she wants you to smell them along with her.  She says they smell like ROTTEN CABBAGE and explains how BAD they are!  so she wants you to come lay down with her so the both of you can have fun and laugh at how RAUNCHY her farts smell today!!!


Santana wants to prove once and for all that she is the BEST EVER!  she starts the video OFF by saying..  "I am going to show you fuckers right now why I am the fucking queen of this!"  then she proceeds to rip LONG DEEP BASSY BOMBS!  1 of them 30 SECONDS!!! ALL IN BLACK LATEX

Fennixx COMPLETELY BURYS your nose with her GIGANTIC ASS and rips fart after fart after HOT AND SMELLY fart deep into your nose and mouth!  the only air you get today is FART AIR!!!

THIS IS PART 2!!  Fennixx farts are EXTRA LONG today and they sound just BUBBLY AND WEIRD!  but she is MOST EXCITED for you to SMELL THEM!  they have such a STRANGE smell to them she MUST share them with you!  now bring your nose over to her ass quickly and SNIFF!!

Sexy Mufasa just wants to fart for you all day and all nite.. so quick, hurry get behind her so she can rip that LONG FART right up your nose!

OH MA GAWD this is hot!  DAKOTA was INHALING Mufasa's BUBBLEY FARTS so intense that you can HEAR her sniffing them!  she is really getting into smelling Mufasa's wet, nasty farts and it is a fucking TURN ON!! hottest girl on girl farting you will ever see!!

Watch Fennixx rip LONG ANGRY WALRUS FARTS in skin tight leggings!  that ass is fucking HUGE! PART 2!

Once again, You and Mufasa are having VIRTUAL SEX she is riding your BIG HARD COCK while farting explosively at the same time!  she is also DRINKING BEER and bending down to burp in your face while she rides your BIG HARD COCK..  you will not make it thru this whole clip!!  this is fucking HOT!!

You and Mufasa are having VIRTUAL SEX she is riding your BIG HARD COCK while farting explosively at the same time!  she is also DRINKING BEER and bending down to burp in your face while she rides your BIG HARD COCK..  you will not make it thru this whole clip!!  this is fucking HOT!!

These farts sounds are so fucking HOT!  RASPY, DEEP AND MULTI TONED! these fart sounds will make you ROCK HARD!

PART 3! NEW LEGGINGS and Santana had to break them in with some VICIOUS farts!  long long rumbly ones featuring two EXTRA LONG 30 SECOND THUMPERS!  and her ass looks WONDERFUL!


Imagine all Dakota did all day was FART IN YOUR MOUTH! that was her only purpose.  She wants you to put your mouth over her butthole every time she farts so you can taste what her farts taste like.  She tells you to "get ready" and to "open your mouth now" and asks... "how does it taste"  that is all she does for you ALL.. DAY.. LONG! THIS IS PART 4!!

SANTANA IS BACK AGAIN to try to break her longest fart record!  most of these WHOPPERS were in the 20-25 SECOND RANGE with the longest one clocking in at about 25 SECONDS!  she got NEW JEANS too and her ass is looking EXTRA SEXY in them and as always AMAZING fucking DEEP fart sounds!!


Imagine all Dakota did all day was FART IN YOUR MOUTH! that was her only purpose.  She wants you to put your mouth over her butthole every time she farts so you can taste what her farts taste like.  She tells you to "get ready" and to "open your mouth now" and asks... "how does it taste"  that is all she does for you ALL.. DAY.. LONG! THIS IS PART 3!

FENNIXX has been on a role with her jean videos so here is another one!  FUCK her farts sound so good in this one and she is making that LIZZY QUEEN OF FARTS facial expression as she pushes out each LONG BUBBLY DUCK SOUNDING FART!!! PART 2!!  THIS TIME IN NEW LEGGINGS!!!

BEEN DOING THIS A WHILE BOYS.. BUT THIS MIGHT BE THE GREATEST COLLECTION OF FARTS FUCKING EVER!!!!!!  FUCK!!!!!  Fennix is your fart fetish therapist in NEW LEGGINGS and she is trying to cure you of "the fetish" but FUCK!!!!!  the FACIAL EXPRESSIONS.. the way her LEGS ARE CROSSED... these fucking FART SOUNDS... low.. deep... long fucking TROMBONE TRUMPS... you will NEVER be cured of the fetish after watching this fucking clip!  these fucking farts will drive you FUCKING INSANE...  I would put this clip up against any fart clip in fart clip history!!!!

the way FENNIX tells you to "come with her" and tell you she is your "fart fantasy coming true" is just SO FUCKING HOT!! she dances for you and seduces you with EXTRA LONG deep farts!  welcome to CLUB FENNIX!


Not sure what in the FUCK happened to Debbie!!! but these farts are..




Like if BIG BERTHA SELENA LOCA BRITTANY MOORE EVE TABOO all had a baby.. well they did.. and they named her DEBBIE DISTURBED!    (out of this fucking world farts in this one!!)


Penelope has been seeing me for a while behind her boyfriend's back mainly because her bf is very controlling and just an overall asshole toward her, whereas I am an outgoing and noble man. However, most importantly, I have a large dick which makes her horny as fuck, and I enjoy her big smelly ass and her bassy gas, something that her boyfriend never appreciated which makes it something else that Penelope especially hates about him. When I come around to see her this time though, she managed to tie her boyfriend up, and plans to cuck him by having him eat her big smelly ass while she sucks my dick, and then having him watch us have amazing fart sex together. I enter Penelope’s house to find her bare ass naked in the living room with her boyfriend tied next to her. (The first scene starts here) I enter the living room and she greets me with an AMAZING KISS, one of the best she’s given me, while we’re kissing she tells me that she is so excited and wet for tonight, as well as that I can PLAY WITH HER ASS while we smooch, and her bf isn’t going to be able to do this to her anymore. Oh, and yes, she begins to slip out some NICE BASSY FARTS during our kissing too. After we complete our kiss, she tells me to make myself comfortable and gestures to the black leather living room chair, so I obey and take a seat, but not before making myself comfortable by stripping out of my attire. (The second scene starts here) The sight of my already hard dick is certainly more than enough to get Penelope absolutely horny and naughty, as well as on all fours approaching my member, all the while ordering her bf to get behind her, so that he can lick her nice farting ass. Penelope then begins to SUCK MY COCK while letting those SPECIAL BASS FILLED FARTS, I love so much, loose in her boyfriend’s face. She humiliates him during the blowjob by stating things like: “You will never get a blowjob from me ever again!”, “That’s right, you bitch, eat my stinky farts!”, “Your shrimpy dick doesn’t even compare to his dick!” “You’re just a piece of junk that cleans my ass now!”, “I hate that you don’t like my farts!”, “Deal with it you pussy!”, “You will never again have this kind of fun with me!”, etc. On the other hand, she praises and encourages me by saying things to me like, “Oh, I just love your big dick”, “You like the smell of my farts?”, “I love that you enjoy my bassy farts”, “You like it when I fart for you while I suck your cock, don’t you baby?”, “You’re so nice, and he is such an ass!”, “Your dick is getting harder for me”, “As soon as you’re ready baby, I want you to fuck me!”, “Smell my nice stinky onions baby, so you can fuck me real good!”, etc. Not only this, but every so often she looks up at me to give me a playful wink, before going back to town on my dick while her dirty words, and special bassy farts keep on coming. Then, as soon as my cock is throbbing nicely, she tells me, “I want it baby! I am so fucking wet and horny now, so let’s fuck”. With that we head to the bedroom, while dragging bf along with us so he can watch us have our SPECIAL FART FILLED SEX. (The third scene starts here) As soon as we enter the bedroom, she gets down and bends over the side of her bed, in DOGGY POSITION, so she can receive my stiff shaft. As soon as I enter her pussy, she lets out a moan of ecstasy, and of course one of those special bassy farts and I BEGIN TO FUCK HER. We start out slow for the first half of this position, so that way Penelope can really show off what those nice and big meaty ass cheeks can do, since she occasionally GRINDS AND SLAPS her ass, and all the while Penelope fires away more of those SPECIAL BASSY FARTS and she even occasionally glances over to me to give me a sexually charged wink. Also, during our sensual sex, she humiliates bf by saying things like, “You see, you little bitch, He knows how to treat a woman”, “You see this pussy, it’s His now”, “I couldn’t even feel your itty-bitty cock during the pathetic times we had sex”, “Your dick didn’t even last a few seconds in my pussy”, “This amazing ass you see, it belongs to Him”, “You will never be allowed to play with my ass again”, “Oh, by the way, you’re never having sex with me again”, “ All you will ever be is a cucked piece of junk”, “He knows how to pound me, you never even got the chance”, etc. When she praised and encouraged me, during our passionate fuck, she said things like, “Oh my god, your dick feels so good!”, “I love farting on your cock while you fuck me”, “You love smelling these stinky farts while you fuck me?”, “You love my big stinky ass, don’t you?”, “This big ass is yours baby, so do whatever you want to it”, “You want me to slap my ass for you, honey?”, “Do you want me to grind my juicy ass on your cock?”, “fuck me, baby, while I fart for you”, “You’re fucking the farts right out of me, honey”, “I can twerk for you too baby, would you like that?”, “You feel so better than he ever did”, “Give me that dick, honey”, etc. Hearing the words coming out of her mouth, as well as smelling and hearing those special bassy farts, I love, and seeing her big beautiful ass shifting back and forth while her pussy takes it is simply irresistible, but soon we get to a consistent and more mid-paced speed and it is here when she can bounce, and periodically TWERK her meaty bass farting ass on my cock, all the while talking dirty to me, and humiliating her boyfriend throughout. She soon tells me that I can have her body whenever I wish, and fuck her whenever I have the desire or urge, and it is soon after this when she tells me that she wants to speed things up and ride me, so we both get on the bed to continue our hot fart sex experience. (The final scene starts here) Penelope mounts me FROM BEHIND, and RIDES ME HARD. She bounces and grinds her farting ass all over my cock, and tells me to smack it and pound it as she is as horny as a girl can be by now. Eventually, she puts the speed into overdrive as she is close to cumming, and now says things like, “You like it when I fart on your dick?”, “Keep going, baby”, “I want to cum all over your nice big dick”, “I’m so close, honey” “that’s so good, babe”, “I’m gonna cum all over you while I fart”, “Oh, I’m gonna cum!”, etc. After a few more wild farts and smacks to her ass, SHE EXPLODES all over my dick, and realizing that I haven’t nutted, she suggests that on this particular occasion, I should explode in her pussy and IMPREGNATE HER with more of those farts coming out of that big ass, so she TWERKS on my dick while BEGGING, nearly to the point of DEMANDING, ME TO CUM, and not long after, I shoot my creamy load DEEP INSIDE HER. After our amazing fart filled intercourse, she gets up and tells her boyfriend that she never wants to see him again, as she is going to live with me instead where she can be treated by a real man who has her best interests. She then ends the clip by telling me that she is so glad that we are going to be starting a family, she has me in her life, and that she is going to take a shower, but teases me by stating that perhaps we can have round two in there, followed by one final playful wink.



Debbie is home alone and has two special guests coming over for the weekend. Her niece
(step-daughter of her step-sister) and the ex-husband of her step-sister, who’s from the USA.
He has a fart fetish and Debbie’s niece thinks farting is hilarious.
With that in mind, Debbie is the place to be of course.
Debbie will be talking to her niece in her native language 
and to her step-brother-in-law in English.
1] Debbie, wearing black leather pants, gives her niece a ‘farty’ welcome
while giving her a tour through the house (walking farts with the camera) She tells her niece how gassy she already is and all those beans and
onions will blow the roof off the house later
2] The next morning, Debbie walks in the bedroom of her niece to wake her up (wearing
white panties and a t-shirt that not covers her whole butt). “Goodmorning, wake up!” she
says in English, followed by the loudest and longest morning fart.
“Excuse me” she giggles, “I’m famous for my morning farts” she giggles 
A few moments later: “Please get up now or I’ll fart again!” Debbie warns, followed by
another thunder fart.
Her niece laughs and starts a conversation. “Ssshht” as Debbie is holding a finger for her
mouth. “Listen” as she puts a finger in the air. While lifting her leg, Debbie let rip an extremely loud and never-ending fart.

 3] Debbie is very naughty in this one and is really farting on purpose (and as loud as she
can fart) as she noticed her step-brother-in-law is spying on her in the bedroom (wearing only
white panties) and while Debbie just took a shower. Still wet, she bends over / lifts her leg
on purpose several times, while farting away. I’d love to see a HUGE BUBBLY fart, with her
leg up a little and using her arm as a ‘one-armed bandit’ to count each fart. 
4] Debbie and her niece are in the bedroom. Debbie is putting on some clothes (jeans,
spandex, dress, skirt) as she doesn’t know what to wear.  they will go to get food but Debbie always wants to look sexy.
Lots of ‘pull my finger farts’ here. Debbie asks her niece over and over to pull her finger (acting serious, while giggling, while laughing, acting desperate, acting sad) as
she stretches out her finger towards her niece. Of course followed by even more thunder
farts and more fun.
5] Debbie wants to tease her step-brother-in-law with her longest and most powerful farts.
looking horny in the camera, biting her lip a little, slightly
lifting her knee, a giant fart and a guilty smile.
During the final scene she is totally teasing her step-brother-in-law with huge sexy farts because she secretly knows he has a fart fetish!

this is PART 4- Debbie is hanging with her niece while trying on clothes.. She is being funny playing the "pull my finger game" with her niece.  She is farting HUGE BUBBLY FARTS every time her finger is pulled!  She notices her brotherr in law is spying on her and her niece so she makes sure to rip TONS OF HUGE WATERY BASSY farts while hanging out with her niece after getting out of the shower.  She knows he is watching so she is farting extra loud and bubbly to help SEDUCE him!

Would you rather Mufasa blow long CHEST RATTLING BELCHES in your face or deep MUFFLED pajama farts??  according to her the BOTH smell really bad!!  she said her BURPS SMELL LIKE ROTTEN LUNCH MEAT and her FARTS SMELL LIKE EGGS!  so boys...  take your pick!


hey Santana!  could you wear those fantastic black latex pants.. and I would like many scenes.. very little time between farts.. super sexy poses showing off your big round ass in those pants... laying, sitting, standing, doggystyle, any sexy pose you can think of showing off your round booty in those tight pants... try to fart as long as possible.. your last clip you did almost 30 seconds.. haha.. but yea.. try your best to get LOOOOOOONG farts! I want almost no talking... maybe once mention how bad they smell.. maybe once wave the smell away from your nose.... but other than that no talking.. just a compilation of you farting long farts in those black pants in the sexiest poses you can think of.. 

Well Santana made his wish come true!  most of these farts were in the 10-14 second range with the longest 2 being 14 SECONDS!  and THESE FARTS sounded extra deep.. like a MOOSE CALL!

Debbie has a challenge for you.  if you can sniff all of her ROTTEN GAS without passing out she will give you a nice POV blowjob at the end of the challenge. BUT she must COVER YOUR MOUTH WITH TAPE!

The very beautiful MUFASA wants you laying behind her immediately so she can fart in your face over and over again!  what are you waiting for??



In this fantasy you are my girlfriend, you just got home from a busy day, and you are bare ass nude in the shower.  wash your body sexy, showing off your ass and curves... you had just got home from work, so you can unleash your bassy farts you have held in all day, so you begin ripping bassy fart after bassy fart. Soon afterward, I come home from work to see you just the way I like to, and that is your perfect nude body in the shower while you are ripping beautiful bassy farts from your perfect curvy ass.   I jumped right in there with you in the shower and I began eating your pussy and round farting ass.   you were surprised  by my sudden ass and pussy eating, but as soon as you realized how well I was doing you started encouraging me with more bassy farts, dirty talk, and the promise of hot bassy fart sex. do lots of sexy talk telling me how you will rip deep farts all over my cock and balls while I fuck you...   after a few minutes of dirty talking as well as ass and pussy eating, you tell me that you need to have my cock in your mouth, so you quickly get on your knees, and begins to suck me off POV style.... your bass farts, dirty talking, and bobbing head really has me going. Then you get into doggy position because I begin to fuck you really hard, all the while you rip sexy sounding deep farts. you even slap your ass a few times, and grind on my cock here and there too because you are so into it. Soon you will want to cum, and after I speed things up, you eventually do, but I still haven’t, so you begin fucking me and farting bigger and louder than ever until I eventually unload my balls deep inside of you. yes.. I finally came.... and At the end of our hot, smelly, and showery sex, you tell me that our love making was very dirty so we should actually clean ourselves now, and give me a playful wink of the eye. (THIS IS SCENE 1 OF A 4 PART CUSTOM FANTASY)

I told Santana I wanted her to keep her streak of WORLD RECORD FARTS going but this time put on those MAGIC black latex pants!  these farts were so fucking long and VERY DEEP!  like a fucking MOOSE CALL! she had a couple 9 SECOND FARTS a couple 7 SECOND FARTS and a bunch of other deep sounding parps!

THE FACIAL EXPRESSIONS!!!! THE "SIGHS" OF RELIEF!!! FUCK this is so hot!  something about girls when they lay on there side in this manner.. makes the farts sound EXTRA deep and BASSY!  fucking HOT clip!!

All these hotties are laying down flat with their asses in the air.. all of them have bad gas and all of them want your nose between their stinky cheeks... NEEYOWWWWWWWW!

Imagine going to a FART FETISH night club where your favorite model dances, farts and entertains you for the night!  yes once again the NEW QUEEN channels the OLD QUEEN in this fantastic clip because when Debbie was ripping these BUBBLEY CHEEK FLAPPING SOUNDING farts she looked a lot like the original QOF Lizzy when she was farting and making that "face".  In this clip.. she is so cute funny and fun!  you will fall in love!

Your Dad is not coming home tonight so your Mom informs you that you guys can play cards all night long!  as you guys play she let's you SNIFF HER HUGE FARTS every time she has one.  she even tells you at one point "sniff it son, get your nose in Mommies butt"  so you play cards with your Mom and SNIFF HER RAUNCHY FARTS every time she moves her ROUND BUTT into your face!  some nice taboo fun for sure!

her ass sounded like a SCREAMING, SQUEALING PIG!   a WILD VICOUS DRAGON!  an ANGRY LOW LAND GORILLA!  question is...  will your fucking face survive this?????

Melting the tip of your nose with LONG RUMBLY GAS Nicole Blaze has one goal today and one goal only.. to DESTROY YOUR FACE with farts!  first she rips shorter ones.. and taunts you.. she says..  "take that"  and "take that" and "take that tooo" and then she changes into SPANDEX and that is where the really LONG and really RUMBLY ones come into play.. simple put..  YOUR FACE WILL NOT SURVIVE!

as she farts NON STOP on your nose and mouth and consistently SMOTHERS and SUFFOCATES you with her HUGE round ass... you are unable to get any air as you think to yourself...  "I can't breathe"

WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS???? HOW THE FUCK DID SHE DO THIS???? Nicole Blaze practically farted for FOUR MINUTES STRAIGHT!!  I told her I wanted to ass to "sing a long" with the music that was playing and SOME FUCKING HOW her ass sang a WHOLE 3 MINUTE FUCKING SONG!  so many LONG farts!  suck amazing stomach control..  YOU WILL FUCKING LIKE THIS CLIP...  you have never seen anything like this!!!  long deep GULPY jean bass just going and going going and going with little time in between!!!

QUEEN DEBBIE has a challenge for you.. she wants you to jerk off to this video and CUM 3 TIMES in her mouth..  3 in a row!!!  she will even help you by leaning to one side and pushing out LONG RUMBLY WALRUS FARTS on her computer chair!  after you CUM she swallows the first load.. then she keeps right on farting... you must cum THREE TIMES in her mouth and you will win this challenge!!!   this is INCREDIBLE!!!

My favorite part is when she looks at you at the very end  LMAO... again this never gets old!! I really love watching a woman have a REAL orgasm!!  look at her body jerking..  look at her pulsating.. no faking that!!  after laying in the bed ripping LONG DEEP GORILLA FARTS Nicole just had to end this clip with a sexy REAL CUM SCENE and she is REALLY coming..  no acting.. I bet you will cum too..  most likely at the same damn time!  

your FART FETISH THERAPIST came to your house to give you a special HOUSE CALL!  you were in need of some INTENSE FART FETISH THERAPY so your therapist has set up a simple stress test for you.  she is going to rip the LONGEST, MOST BUBBLY EXPLOSIVE JEAN FARTS you have ever heard... over and over again..  and if you DON'T GET HARD she will reward you with the POV BLOWJOB of a life time!!!

THIS IS SO FUCKING HOT! Imagine your are away from your girl... so she decides to make a sexy fart video and sends it to you... first of all... She lays there looking PRETTY AS FUCK.. I mean damn I never realized she was so fucking beautiful!  She teases you saying SUPER SEXY DIALOGUE! ......

"If wish you were here I had ice cream today and my farts really stink"

"they have that smell that you like, like spoiled milk you love this smell you would be so hard"

"If you were back there behind me I would (BRAPPPPPPZZZT) right in your face"

I fucking love that! she pauses MID SENTENCE pushes out a long WATERY PARPER and then tells you the rest!  Her huge ass sticking up in the background.. the sexy teasing.. the ANGRY BABOON SOUNDS coming outta her booty.. this video is fucking AMAZING!  You WON'T finish the whole thing!!!


Before going to bed, Debbie ate lots of beans, onions and split pea soup.
Why? The next morning, a professional is going to shoot a fart video of her at her place and she wants to have the MOST GAS she has ever had in her life.  so she made this SPECIAL meal! then it's bed time
Debbie lays on her back, afraid of farting her ass off during the night..and she has really bad gas!
Finally it’s a new morning!
[Scene 1]
Debbie is already downstairs when the doorbell rings. ‘that’s early’ she thinks, as she’s
only wearing white panties (no thong) and a t-shirt. Walking to the front door some
thundering morning walking farts escape from her big butt. She spanks herself on her butt.
‘Quiet!’ she speaks to her butt.
She opens the front door and there he is.. a photographer for an erotic photoshoot!
‘Nooooo!!, the fart video is tomorrow!’ Debbie thinks, already bloated as hell and still
feeling her belly grow.
Debbie goes upstairs to get clothed, farting her ass off with every step.
[Scene 2]
Wearing her jeans-overalls (no t-shirt underneath, just naked boobies) she’s ready for the
photoshoot. Standing with her legs crossed, she’s holding in her farts, but soon she’s in
some sexy, but awful farting positions 
Before farting her ass off, she tells the photographer that she’ll fart in every single position
and she excuses herself after every fart.   She can't stop farting, they just keep on coming!

Mona X recently found your Selena Loca FART PORN videos.. she explains to you that she was "mad at first" but now she is ok with it because she does not have to hold her own farts in around you anymore... as a matter of fact she explains to you that she has to fart "right now" then she tells you you can "sniff it" then she slides her body around so you can bury your face in her ass.. and she rips a 10 SECOND LONG FART that sounds like a HOT STINKY AIR howling..  again she tells you you can "sniff it" she talks sweet to you.. "do you like it?  how does it smell?" she does this a couple times and it is fucking HOT all the farts are in the 10 SECOND RANGE... and her ass.. OMG her ass looks so good!  you have NEVER seen a clip like this!

DAKOTA wants to fart on your tongue and nose... now!  get behind her so she can blast you away with her WET ASS FARTS!  she spreads her hole open so you can stick your tongue and mouth right in there!

In this POV fantasy you and Nicole have a great relationship.. she knows about your fetish and she is happy to "indulge" you at any time.. basically you guys just fuck and she farts for you all day!

This video starts off with her coming in the room and telling you....

"I just took the biggest dump of my life, my ass is really dirty right now"

then she starts FARTING and SHARTING in your mouth as you kiss her ass and asshole.  her farts are so wet sounds like she still has more to PUSH OUT on the toilet!  she then asks you do you want to "taste her dump" and as she continues to fart on your NOSE and MOUTH she describes the dump she just took...

"it came out in 3 long, thick pieces.. they her big logs.. and it almost did not flush"

hearing this turns you on so much especially because you can kind of TASTE the bitterness of her dump still on her ass.. and she is farting like CRAZY in your face.. she then asks you to come in the other room so you can eat her pussy..  you begin to eat her pussy while she plays with herself... and she continues to rip LONG farts in your mouth as you eat her pussy and ass.. keep going.. because she is ready to CUM..  as soon as she CUMS she takes you in the other room so YOU can CUM now!

she lays down in between your legs and gives you a ONCE IN A LIFE TIME sloppy blow job while ripping MONSTER FARTS as she bobs up and down on your hard cock.  you will LOVE as she looks right in your eyes, slobs on your cock while blasting GODZILLA TYPE BLASTS outta her round ass sticking up in the back ground.... there is NO WAY you will get thru this whole fucking clip.... NO....FUCKING.. WAY!!!

Have you seen the sexy videos going around where the girls do the SEXY move and arch their backs and slowly "snake" down to the ground with their asses pointed in the air??  to the BeYonnce song??  Well this is the MEGA BUBBLY TITANIUM FART BLAST edition!!  Seriously tho.. Debbie is so fucking hot in this one. she can do ANYTHING and especially when it comes do dancing she will NAIL IT!  and these farts.. these FUCKING FARTS!!!  they sound so RUMBLY and satisfying this clip will have you hard as fuck!!!

FIRST SCENE-  Penelope has put on her favorite jeans to fart in your face.. but BEWARE!  Her farts sound REALLY WET AND MESSY and they SMELL AWFUL as she tells you she needs to take a dump!

SECOND SCENE- she lays down in between your legs and gives you a ONCE IN A LIFE TIME sloppy blow job while ripping MONSTER FARTS as she bobs up and down on your hard cock.  you like the way her farts sound in jeans.. and you will LOVE as she looks right in your eyes, slobs on your cock while blasting MONSTER TYPE BLASTS outta her round ass sticking up in the back ground.... there is NO WAY you will get thru this whole fucking clip.... NO.... WAY!!!

SEE THE PREVIEW PIC!!!  Watch Debbie nearly BLOW THAT HEAVY FABRIC DRESS OFF HER BODY with her UBER POWERFUL farts!  see the preview pic!!  I told her to wear a dress with HEAVY material and see if she could move it around with the WIND of her powerful gas and the results were fucking INCREDIBLE!!

This is a HOT scenario!..  you have a BAD FART FETISH and your girls farts really turn you on!  BUT you are sometimes embarrassed to TRULY indulge in that stinky gas...  BUT  when she is on the phone you can TRULY enjoy her farts!  she is talking to her girlfriend.. she is not focused on YOU...  you and SNIFF SNIFF SNIFF away and not feel "weird" because she is not paying you any attention. you can REALLY bury your face in there and STROKE YOUR COCK while she farts because she is focused on her PHONE CALL and not YOU!  While laying there naked, She does occasionally look back at you after a REALLY BIG ONE just to give you a smile and a wink.. and most of these farts were in the 15-20 SECOND RANGE!!! MAN I love when this happens.. it is so HOT and an amazing POV fantasy!

Debbie wants to fart in your face and INDULGE you in her stinky gas but these JEANS ARE SO FUCKING TIGHT that the farts can BARELY get out.. the sounds as very MUFFLED and DEEP and the farts are LONG some of them 15 SECONDS but this POWERFUL AIR in being TRAPPED in her tight jeans!  that is why she is moving around so much trying to release all that TRAPPED AIR so she can properly punish her "fart boy"


"I want Debbie to face fart me for my birthday.  I want her to fart BIG, BUBBLY LONG AND RUMBLY!  I want her to fart in ALL HER TIGHT LEGGINGS AND SPANDEX.. every pair!  Have her wish me Happy Birthday at the beginning and have her explain to me that her farts are REALLY BAD today and that she hopes I do not "pass out".  Then have her face fart me POV style in sexy poses showing off her ass in all of her tight pants.  I want her BEST and BIGGEST farts she can muster up!"  "I want her to act really EXCITED as she is pushing them out... saying things like "oh yea" and "oh baby" in a real excited voice as she pushes out TONS of monster farts in my face"


In this fantasy Debbie is your girlfriend.  She wakes up next to you complaining about CRAZY BAD GAS and telling you she "ate too much bean dip last night at the party".  She literally woke up and her belly is BLOWING UP WITH GAS!  She jokingly reaches over and asks you to "pull her finger" then she gets up outta bed and starts ripping LONG POWERFUL rips as she stretches and walks around.. just farting like a CRAZY WOMAN.. she cannot believe how much gas she has.. she keeps apologizing "sorry, I told you to keep that bean dip away from me"..  later in the clip she returns from the market..  as she carries the groceries up the steps she farts an EXPLOSIVE WATERY FART with every step... literally EVERY STEP! step... PARP... step.... PARP..... step... PARP...  all they way up the steps with every step!  finally she rests at the bottom of the steps and pushes out the rest of that VIOLENT GAS and the both of you just laugh.

Lately Santana Redd's farts have been having that BRITTANY MOORE type quality.. she is most definitely one of the BEST EVER fart models...  this time in TIGHT JEANS she rumbles BASS IN YO FACE and after every PARP she says "take that" PARP "and take that too"  she is punishing you with round ass and bad gass!!

SHE has crazy bad gas and she has told you to please "leave her alone"

YOU refuse to leave her room because her farts are smelling SO GOOD today and you are getting horny

she keeps farting over and over again telling you "see I told you they stink today, now LEAVE" but still you stay there .. sniffing away.. until she rips an almost 30 SECOND FART that FINALLY REEKS SO BAD that you actually do leave the room and leave her alone!!  boy  that one was a real STINKER!

This is a simple concept.. PEG is ripping ONCE IN A LIFETIME farts in all of her TIGHTEST SPANDEX PANTS!!  and these bad boys were LONG, POWERFUL AND BUBBLY... like 10 SECONDS long type blasts!!! she is ripping them just for YOU.. and she warns you "sniff it but be careful, they are BAD today"

It does not matter if Bunny is wearing SKIN TIGHT JEANS, a thong, or sitting on a CUSHIONED COMPUTER CHAIR..  her farts always sound the same.. like a fucking BASS DRUM!!!

Nicoles farts are so DEEP, MUFFLED AND POWERFUL that she has to make a FUNNY FACE to PUSH THEM ALL THE WAY OUT!!  They are so HUGE and BASSY that she really has to CONCENTRATE... this face makes you laugh.. but she is serious... because she WANTS TO HAVE SEX with you... so she wants to get out all that gas so you guys can FUCK!  She has come to visit you for the weekend and she now has to leave in this custom fantasy... so she wants you to fuck her ONE MORE GOOD TIME before she leaves!  and after fart after fart after THUNDEROUS fart.. you two finally have sex at the end of this POV fantasy!

simple idea.. I told her I wanted FUCKING AMAZING farts in all of her TIGHT BOOTY SHORTS.. in the form of a compilation.. and MAN she did not dissappoint!  OMG THIS IS SO FUCKING HOT!!!

MUFASA needs to dump.. but first she wants to blast some PRE DUMP FARTS right in your face.. in TIGHT JEANS.... and you know THOSE farts are the stinkiest farts of them all!

I LOVE EMILY DREAMS BODY!  Just the right about of thicc!  Imagine laying behind her and sticking your nose right between those MEATY CHEEKS right as she is lettin' em RIP!

I hired Emily to babysit my kiddos and man she is WEIRD.  She does not know I am WATCHING HER ON HIDDEN CAMERA and she is laying in my bed NAKED and FARTING UNDER MY COVERS..  she does not know I am watching her on my RING camera and she is just laying on my sheets and FARTING AWAY!  she freakin' WEIRD!

Nicole wants her ASS FUCKED so bad!  but first.. she wants to SHART in her cheeks and make it REALLY DIRTY for you..  so she proceeds to push out LONG WATERY SUPER POWERFUL FARTS!!! then she wants you to FUCK HER ASS..... HARD!  this is FUCKING AMAZING!


see also Disturrbia see also JackDaRipper see also CworldEntt see also RottenOnionz see also Miamorrr see also GirlsGoneGross see also CotDayumm see also PrincessOffarts RottenOnionz BrattyGurlz and TheLegionofPlume
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TEN SECOND FARTS ONLY must the the rule for
these special leggings because Nicole was
really DESTROYING those grey tight pants
and practically BLEW THEM off of her ass!


SEE Princessoffarts see also GassyGirlsNextDoor see also BrattyGurlz see also CotDayumm see also FartyGurl see also GirlsGoneGross go visit -CotDayumm visit CworldEntt CotDayumm thelegionofplume and princessoffarts

We are celebrating 15 years in business
and we are now offering custom videos!
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us on Twitter at CWorldent
This is a simple one.  Debbie put on all of her cutest leggings and ripped LONG, THUNDEROUS 15 second long farts in them!  and her ass is right in your face..  YUMMY!

SEE Princessoffarts see also GassyGirlsNextDoor see also BrattyGurlz see also CotDayumm see also FartyGurl see also GirlsGoneGross go visit -CotDayumm visit CworldEntt CotDayumm thelegionofplume and princessoffarts


FUCK THIS IS HOT!  these farts were so BUBBLY, WATERY AND POWERFUL that you can actually see her ASS CHEEKS VIBRATING with each POWERFUL fart!  these had to HURT coming out and the sound alone will make you fucking cum in TWO SECONDS!!

see also VeronicaSecretz see also JackDaRipper see also CworldEntt see also RottenOnionz see also Miamorrr see also GirlsGoneGross see also Disturrbia see CotDayumm see also PrincessOffarts  BrattyGurlz and TheLegionofPlume