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FEBRUARY 20th 2020

You will love the sexy fart sounds coming out
THIS IS PART THREE of this fabulous clip where Sakuri lays on the bed with that big ol booty in the air and rips DEEP FART after DEEP FART back to back with little lag time.. the these farts really starting getting WET towards the end!  I am pretty sure she messed her panties! and you will mess yours too! I guarantee!

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FEBRUARY 12th 2020

You will love the sexy fart sounds coming out of Sakuri's big ol booty!  Deep bassy and kinda like a DUCK!  she farts A LOT in this clip.. they are basically back to back and her ass is HUMONGOUS.. this is part deux

SEE Princessoffarts see also GassyGirlsNextDoor see also BrattyGurlz see also CotDayumm see also FartyGurl see also GirlsGoneGross go visit -CotDayumm visit RottenOnionz CworldEntt CotDayumm thelegionofplume and princessoffarts

FEBRUARY 4th 2020

This is part two of Sakuri's "farting after work" clip.  she literally CAN'T STOP FARTING!  Man I LOVE this new model.  She is like if Goddess Jenn and Lexxxi Lockhart had a baby!  She has really SEXY fart sounds.. and her body is JUST RIGHT...  she is MAD THICC but not quite to the BBW level... she is fucking BOMB!

JANUARY 28th 2020

My newest model SAKURI has a "regular" job during the days and she says she usually can't wait to get home and LET OUT ALL HER FARTS!  I told her to make a video for me right after she got home from her vanilla job on a day where she was FULL OF GAS!  Watching her big booty push out LONG BASSY FARTS in that sexy long business skirt is SO FUCKING SEXY!  you will LOVE THIS NEW GIRL!! and she is pretending to fart in YOUR face being sweet and sexy with her words!!

JANUARY 21st 2020

Ok so it wasn't fire but instead it was BABY POWDER! and yes she was BLOWING THAT POWDER ACROSS THE ROOM with her UBER POWERFUL farts!  this is the first time we did I clip like this.. and I don't know why we waited so long.. this clip is HOT AS FUCK!!

JANUARY 15th 2020

Nicole makes sexy movements and LONG RUMBLY FARTS follow along with her passionate movement as she professes her love for you in skin tight grey spandex pants!

JANUARY 5th 2020

MAN!  these farts were so WET, WATERY AND SHARTY it sounded like she was taking a BIG OL DUMP inside of them!  and her ass looked SO FUCKING PERFECT... wet fart lovers.. ass lovers.. this is a must see!


DEBBIE PUTS TAPE OVER YOUR MOUTH then proceeds to BLAST YOU with LONG, EXPLOSIVE wet and SHARTY farts all over your nose and mouth.  But keep in mind... if you can handle her THUNDER all in your face at the very end she will SUCK YOUR COCK and let you CUM IN HER MOUTH!


You and Penelope have been together for one full year!  You guys just went out for DINNER AND DRINKS now you are dancing and having fun together back at the apartment.  you guys want to have SEX but first Penelope wants to LET OUT ALL THE GAS she has been holding in all night... so she is DANCING and FARTING the night away!


Debbies farts have a strong smell of ROTTEN EGGS today and her FABRIC SHORTS hold in the smell for a very long time.  So that EGGY STENCH lingers in there for a while and YOUR NOSE would fit perfectly!


Debbie is in LOVE WITH YOU!  Watch her do a sexy sultry fart dance for you while ripping TEN SECOND FARTS that bubbly out slow and sexy just like her movement.. she is farting is SPANDEX PANTS!


Whenever she makes THAT FACE you know the farts are EXTRA LONG!  It is so sexy watching her facial expressions and listening to these LONG HONKERS blowing out behind her!  this is a hot one!

NOVEMBER 28th 2019

Debbie wants to BURY YOU in stinky ass and stinky gas!  She wants you to STOP BREATHING she wants to TORTURE YOU!  She wants you to go... slow.  So the breaks up her usually LONG farts to short stinky bursts of air..... PARP PARP PARP PARP PARP PARP until you pass the fuck out!

NOVEMBER 20th 2019

Every LONG, BUBBLEY WATERY FART in this video was in the 7 second range and they are all being blown DIRECTLY ON YOUR NOSE AND MOUTH.. and Debbie said they REEKED of ROTTEN EGGS..  this is HOT

NOVEMBER 13th 2019

THIS IS SO FUCKING HOT!  There is no place my nose would rather be besides between Debbies meaty cheeks and she rips EGGY HORN SOUNDING FARTS right up my nostrils!

NOVEMBER 4th 2019

BRAPPADELICA IS HERE TO DESTROY YOU WITH FARTS!  Her and her FART FETISH ARMY have only one goal.. to PUNISH WEAK MEAN with POWERFUL BUBBLY FARTS!  You can't handle these farts.. you can't handle BRAPPADELICA!!!

OCTOBER 27th 2019

LOOK AT THE PREVIEW PIC!!!! Once again Debbie is going to show you the POWER of her farts.  She is not only moving that heavy denim dress with her powerful gas, she is practically BLOWING THE DRESS OFF HER FUCKING BODY...   whew.

OCTOBER 18th 2019

Yea.. I've said it in the past...  I get it.  but I challenge ANYONE to find a fart video better than this.. the way her ass looks.. the way these farts sound.. they are SO DEEP AND RUMBLY.. she way she twerks and shakes that RUMP...  BUY THIS FUCKING VIDEO. YOU.... WILL.... NOT....  BE.... DISAPPOINTED!!

OCTOBER 11th 2019

Penelope is farting in your face at POINT BLANK RANGE.  Your nose is literally one millimeter from her asshole and you are getting ALL those rotten smells!  EGGS, ROTTEN VEGGIES, SPOILED MILK she is hitting your face with the whole sha-bang! and the best part.. at the very end she gives you the best WET SLOPPY POV BLOWJOB that you ever had until you UNLOAD YOUR JIZZ into her hungry mouth.  Happy Birthday!

OCTOBER 5th 2019

SELENA IS PISSED!  She really needs to take a MONSTER DUMP but she has been locked outta the bathroom.  So she is going to UNLEASH THE DRAGON right into your face so you can see and smell HOW BAD her farts are right before she has to DROP A MEGA LOAD! these were MONSTERS!!

SEPTEMBER 26th 2019

Watch Selena rip WALRUS FARTS bubbling
outta her ass into your face over and over
again!  LOTS of "dirty talk" in this one.
she is telling you how she just took a
HUGE dump and she is describing how
BIG it was and how bad it smelled but
guess what.. she STILL can't stop farting
even after using the toilet! and these were
some RUMBLY MONSTERS!  she also wants
you to LICK HER ASS and see if you can still

SEPTEMBER 20th 2019

this is my ALL TIME fav. scenario!  Watch Sexy Selena Loca Bend forward and let out LONG RUMBLERS and vibrate the computer chair while at the same time getting that hot MUFFLED sound by farting on the pillow.  Then after every fart she brings that HUGE ass over so you can sniff her RAUNCHY FARTS!  she is a bit annoyed that you are following her around just to sniff her farts.. but she loves you so she does it!

SEPTEMBER 13th 2019

We always focus on Selena Loca's BIG OL BOOTY!  But don't forget this girl is a fucking MODEL!  She is stunning .. she is SO PRETTY.. so let's focus a bit more on her face... and once again in this
 clip she is farting like a FUCKIN' HORSE!!!

SEPTEMBER 7th 2019

Watch THE MOST BEAUTIFUL LATIN GIRL IN THE WORLD push out LONG, GNARLY BUBBLY FLAPTASTIC FARTS outta her big wide ass!  while simultaneously seeing her pretty face make those SEXY facial expressions!  this is one of my favorite types of clips and Selena is one of the BEST at this!


Just added to RottenOnionz.. Mean old SELENA LOCA has tied you up AGAIN... she wants to PUNISH YOU WITH FARTS.  SHE WILL NOT STOP FARTING IN YOUR FACE UNTIL YOU STOP BREATHING! she had MEXICAN FOOD tonight and her farts are AWFUL!  She will come and fart in your face OVER AND OVER AGAIN until you are unconscience.  She farts.. then walks way.. then comes back to rip another LONG WARBLER right on your nose..  over and over  again.. until you are gone

AUGUST 30th 2019

Imagine sitting down right behind Selena
after you have pissed her off and she PUNISHES
you with fart after fart after DEEP RUMBLY fart!
Don't complain like a "little bitch" you asked for
farts so take this PUNISHMENT like a man!

AUGUST 25th 2019

OMG!  her ass... these pants... these farts!
  Get ready for the ride of your life! and get
 ready for the BIGGEST NUT you have ever busted!

AUGUST 17th 2019

MOST OF THESE FARTS WERE 10 SECONDS LONG!!!  Debbie is so embarrassed of her bad gas that she runs and farts into the closet hoping that no one in the house can hear them.  She has such BAD GAS and they are SO LONG she is afraid that someone will hear her farts.  She thinks she is being sneaky.. but she does not realize YOU are hiding in her closet the whole time and she is actually farting in YOUR FACE each time!

AUGUST 9th 2019

Nicole works at a bank during the day.  Every day she comes home from work.. she grabs a snack and farts like a CRAZY WOMAN!  Right there in the kitchen.. she is feeling RELIEVED from holding in farts all day long!  These farts were THUNDEROUS and you can tell it felt good when you hear her sexy SIGHS OF RELIEF.  You get to smell them.. so get behind her and sniff.. but don't bother her.... just sniff.  this is recorded over several days of her getting home from work.. so get ready for the RUMBLE! and just imagine burying your face into that sexy fabric!  I love BUSINESS SLACKS on a woman!


You are once again trying to cure your fart fetish so you sought out world renowned FFT Nicole Blaze.  She has cured many people so you thought you would give her a shot.  She eats a special meal right in front of you..  CHEESE, ONIONZ and HARD BOILED EGGS. and she rips LONG BUBBLY RUMBLY FARTS that vibrate her leather chair... and your challenge.  DON'T GET AROUSED.  as a matter of fact Dr. Nicole believes in you so much that if you DO get aroused she promises that you can JERK OFF IN HER MOUTH at the end of the session.  Can you smell 6 MIN. of stinky eggy, cheesy onion farts without getting hard?!  well if you look at the preview pic you will see...   you didn't make it..  but you got to cum in her mouth.  Looks like you are going to need a few more sessions before you get cured.  She had SO MUCH GAS in this video..  you can tell by her FACIAL EXPRESSIONS these farts were MONSTERS!

JULY 24th 2019

 a sexy twerk fart video Debbies ass turned
into a WATERY SHARTY MESS on several
 occasions during this clip.  Maybe
 the BEST shart video yet!

JULY 16th 2019

Watch Sonia Steele raise up and drop
BOMBS from high above the toilet!
It was like she was trying to break it!
2 DYNAMIC apple dropping scenes!

JULY 9th 2019

My favorite type of model is the type that
drops BIG LOADS like Sonia.  And my fav
part is just watching a perfectly clean
toilet FILL UP WITH LOGS!  Three very
sexy scenes from the Queen Of Toilet clips!

JULY 2ND 2019

Both of them are MAJOR LOG DROPPERS so
who will in the battle when they go HEAD TO HEAD
 or ASS TO ASS whatever you want to say this
 is a toilet clip lovers dream!  (actual video is 6 min long)

JUNE 20TH 2019

If you love when hot girls fart in front of you
then you realize there are no two words greater
than "sniff it" that could from from her mouth.
Watch Nicole rip LONG CHEEK FLAPPERS and
and then politely ask you to SNIFF IT afterwards.