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MAY 20TH 2019

Eve Taboo, Jackie the Ripper Lexxxi Brittany the list goes on and on of RUMBLY FARTERS but I don't think I have ever heard farts more BASSY, MUFFLEE or BUBBLY than these!  They were MULTI TONED in the panties but the jeans.. man o man they were DEEP!

MAY 12TH 2019

YOU DON'T DESERVE TO HAVE MY ROUND ASS IN YOUR UGLY FACE!  kiss it baby.... you like that... I love farting your face.. it turns me on to make you so happy.   One minute she is being MEAN AS FUCK and the next minute she is being SWEET AS PIE.... I mean really..  make up your mind Sonia.  These farts were AMAZING tho.. so you will enjoy either way... but don't tell her that.

MAY 4TH 2019

Sonia hates you and hates your fart fetish... she hates your UGLY FACE and all she wants to do is rip ONE RUMBLY FART after the other all over your face!  and she tells you point blank.. "you're ugly.. I hate you".. then at the end she drops a WET SLOPPY LOAD all over your face for the grand finale!

APRIL 26TH 2019

Sonia is mad at you and to get back at you she wants to fart on your ugly face.  She is mad and is calling you "such a loser" for wanting to sniff her farts.  MAN... these farts are so RUMBLY!  If you looked up "rumbly fart" in the dictionary I think you would find this update.  Deep, robust farts.. EXACTLY the sounds you think of when the word "rumble" comes to mind!  the jeans.. it's got to be the jeans!
APRIL 19TH 2019

Something about tight jeans makes Sonia seem like she has an
ANGRY RHINO in her pants!  Bassy long and RUMBLY just like we like them!

APRIL 11TH 2019

These are the most RUMBLY GRUMBLY jean farts I have heard in quite a while and according to Sonia these farts STUNK!  She ate some bad BBQ and they got her farts smelling WEIRD and BAD!  She says the meal messed up her system so bad that even her PEE stunk!  SHE GOT CRAZY BAD GAS and the farts keep coming one after the other.. and she has just one request for you...  put your nose in it!

APRIL 3RD 2019

Fabric on the ass holds in the fart smell for a LONG time!  That is fart fetish 101.  So Debbie puts on your FAVORITE LEGGINGS and rips RUMBLY BROCCOLI FARTS in your face over and over again until you start to get dizzy from the AWFUL smell!  And just when you can't take anymore she pulls out your hard cock and give you a slow and SLOPPY blowjob until you UNLOAD all of your cum right in the middle of her tongue!

MARCH 27TH 2019

You HATE when girls fart openly.  You have always thought it was disgusting and un-ladylike.  You are always complaining to your girlfriend about her farts... till one day she gets PISSED at you!  She is tired of you complaining about her bad gas so she ties you up, sits across from you on the floor and farts DIRECTY IN YOUR FACE over and over again!  She is eating some weird concoction of BROCCOLI, EGGS, MAYO AND GARLIC all mixed together.. and it is giving her SUPER GAS!  you should have kept your mouth shut because she is going to fart over and over again in your nose and mouth giving you BROCCOLI AND EGG KISSES!
MARCH 19TH 2019

Nichole Blaze can do anything.  She is not from America but she is down with the HIP HOP scene!  She wanted to show me her TWERKING SKILLS so I told her to twerk on a wooden chair.  Twerk on a chair like you would TWERK on a dick!  So she ripped LONG, BUBBLEY RUMBLY farts while twerking on the chair and then at the end of the video she give you a LONG, SLOPPY BLOWJOB and you UNLOAD into her mouth!
MARCH 12TH 2019

You have seen many JOI videos over the years but you have never seen one with farts like this!  LONG, SLOPPY, EXPLOSIVE farts blowing outta her ass at an INTENSE rate!  Right into your face.. then she turns around... smells it with you and instructs you exactly how she wants you to jerk your cock to her "cabbage smelling" farts!  THIS IS SO HOT!  Maybe my favorite clip of the year so far!!!

MARCH 5TH 2019

This is the KRYPTONITE to ever man on earth.  a BIG WHITE ASS!  Debbie KNOWS her big white booty is PERFECTION and she is ripping some of the BUBBLIEST, SLOPPIEST farts I have ever heard in my life.. and she is saying it over and over again... "Sniff my Big... White... Perfect... Ass"  Ok Debbie...  I see You!


Debbie loves farting for you but there are times where she is not in the mood to have your face buried in her ass.  Every time she farts you are there to try to sniff it and she is starting to get ANNOYED.  She has crazy bad gas today and you are right there to smell it.. but she is pissed at you... she is getting tired of this FART FETISH of yours...  she farts... she wafts it over so you can smell it.. but she is NOT getting up!


Welcome to TIGHT PANT PARADISE!  I asked Nicole to wear only her SEXIEST TIGHT PANTS to fart in for a week long compilation!  THIS ASS WILL MAKE YOU CRY!  and her farts are so DEEP AND RUMBLY!  I told her to pretend her NUMBER ONE FAN is right behind her while she is blasting away!  I love the cute things that she says and the way she reacts to the smell of these MONSTERS!  this is a MUST mf SEEE!!


Sexy Mona teases you with her huge ass as she takes a MONSTER dump and lets you watch it shoot outta her ass and into the bowl.  She is telling you to SNIFF HER LOAD and reminding you how perfect her ass is. then she stands up and let you CLEAN HER DIRTY ASS after dropping that big load.. because that is your favorite thing.  You can still taste and smell the dump on her ass cheeks... NOW.. the best part.. a SLOW and SLOPPY POV blowjob has she slobbers on your big hard dick and slowly SUCKS OUT YOUR SOUL into her mouth!  DON'T MAKE PLANS tonight... get the lotion, buy this video and ENJOY!

QUEEN OF FARTS Debbie Disturrbed has one goal and one goal only..  TO MAKE YOU PASS OUT FROM HER STINKY GAS!  That's right.. she is eating weird combinations of food like.. EGGS, GARLIC AND RED ONIONS all together to create the RAUNCHIEST FARTS EVER!  She is going to stick her ass inch from your nose and rip FART after FART until you PASS OUT!  She even TIES YOU UP so you cannot get away!  After over TWENTY MINUTES of furious farting on your nose and mouth... SHE WINS!  you actually pass out!  then inexplicably she AWAKES you with a wet and sloppy BLOW JOB!  Believe me.. I don't take saying this lightly.. but this is one of the BEST FART VIDEOS EVER CREATED!!

Nicole is currently conducting experiments with her LONG LONG rippers.. she's looking to find out...

1.  How soon after eating eggs can you actually smell them in a fart?

2.  How long does a "jean fart" linger in the air?

3.  Can silly putty capture the smell of her fart?

4.  Does sitting on the floor make a fart sound deeper?

these and many other questions will be answered in this episode of "Weird Science"

all week Penelope has had BAD EXPLOSIVE DIARRHEA!  and we have a routine.. I smell her LONG, BUBBLEY FARTS under the covers when she is ripping her MORNING FARTS... then she brushes her teeth and she blows some more LONG WATERY FARTS in my face as she brushes her teeth.  and get this.. the farts smell just like SMELLY DIARRHEA!  then she runs to the toilet for her morning dump and guess what.. it is EXPLOSIVE DIARRHEA!  and she lets me watch her and SEE IT IN THE BOWL when she is done.. then the best part.. she puts her HUGE ROUND ASS right in my face after she gets off the toilet so I can taste her smelly DIARRHEA right off her of butt cheeks!  I get so turned on when I am eating out her GINOURMOUS ASS and I can still smell and taste her dump on her ass! this is my FAVORITE THING to do and we do this for two days in a row.. POV style so you the viewer can experience it as well!

It started off with homemade onion rings.  They tasted great and gave Penelope HORRIBLE gas!  She was farting like a CRAZY PERSON!  Then that BAD GAS shifted to BAD DIARRHEA!  After show you her POWERFUL farts and farting DIRECTLY IN YOUR FACE she suddenly has to run to the bathroom where she as the RUNZ really bad!  She shows you that too!  Now here is where it gets weird.. you LOVE eating her ass after she uses the toilet but she warns you has ass tastes and smells like STINKY DIARRHEA!  but you choose to eat her ass out anyways.. and she lays there and lets you do it!  This amazing scenario happens in two different scenes!  So you will get two scenes of POWERFUL farts two scenes of POWERFUL diarrhea and two POV scenes of eating out that BIG, BEAUTIFUL diarrhea smelling ass!
Nicole has you trapped in her closet and you must stay tied up there for a week.  She will still let you sniff her farts but WATCH OUT they really STINK this week!  Her parents are over and they must never find you at her house.. so you must stay in her closet for a week.  Don't worry every time she  has to fart she will stick her HUGE ROUND ASS into the closet so you can get a sniff.. but BE WARNED.. they are SMELLY!

When it is all over she will make it up to you.  She will untie you and let you fuck her brains out!

Its Friday.. Penelope has been working all week long at the bank.. she has been holding in her gas ALL DAY long but now she is FINALLY home and you guys sit and discuss what you will do over the 3 DAY WEEKEND.  She is so glad to be home.. as you guys converse she just sits there and let's out LONG, BUBBLEY GAS!  Her long bombs make you horny.. she is too tired to have sex but you are welcome to JERK OFF in her mouth!

SCENE TWO-  you are rubbing her naked body after a long day.  You rub her legs.. and her feet and kiss all over her ass as she let's out LOOOOOONG RUMBLERS all in your face at the end of this scene you end up fucking her from behind.

SCENE THREE-  She likes getting her ass eaten.. so you lay behind her and kiss, lick and sniff her HUGE ass as she let's out HUMONGOUS farts in your face and on your tongue.. then she climbs on your hard cock and rides you with her BIG BOOBIES bouncing in your face!

SCENE FOUR-  you guys are going to grab dinner so she puts on some jeans but she still has a LOT OF GAS to get out so he let's some LONG JEAN FARTS out in your face.. you jerk off on her tits after this...

and there you have it.. a long 3 DAY WEEKEND of FARTING and FUCKIN'!


I told Debbie to construct the GREATEST JEAN FART MOVIE EVER with the BIGGEST LONGEST MOST BUBBLY FARTS EVER and she did not disappoint!  Mark this day on your calendar.  YOU WILL NOT FORGET THIS DAY!  Because today is the day that INFAMOUS JEAN FARTS was released.  IT'S A MUST SEE!!! PERIOD.



A Kustom Request for Nicole Blaze-

"Start off by filming your BIGGEST dump of the week.  Show it coming outta your round ass.  then right off the toilet bring your round ass over to the camera so I can eat your ass POV style.  I love to eat a big dirty ass right after it has just dropped a MEGA LOAD so keep that ass in front of me and imagine me eating it... sniffing it and licking it."  "eat my dirty ass baby.. can you taste my load, it was a stinky one"  these are the types of things you will be saying.. also I want you to fart in my face as I eat your ass... keeping farting UNTIL YOU SHART IN MY MOUTH!  yea, I want a BIG THICK SHART in your buttcheeks and I want you to mush it together so I can see it visually in your ass and butt cheeks"  (MUST SEE) I am going to EAT THE BIG SHART right outta your ass POV style then I am going to jerk off and come all over your face and tits!  BET for my cum... open your mouth and get ready to recieve it!

scene two-

"really show off your ass and twerk it for me.  pretend I am behind you fucking you as you fart on my cock and balls.. try to get some BIG WATERY FARTS.. then turn around and let me fuck you POV style until I drop my entire load in your pussy"

scene three-

send me your second biggest load for the week... make sure it is a BIG ONE and show the load when finished... then once again.. bring your round ass over so I can eat it POV style and fart BIG WATERY FARTS in my mouth as I slop up your dirty, filthy ass with my tongue... as I get ready to cum I am going to pull out my huge cock and cum right on your big perfect ass POV style!

this is a custom video Nicole shot for me that cost me nearly 400 dollars.. and it is AMAZING but YOU.. my lovely fans get to see it for much much less!!!!  for those of you that usually order customs you will realize this is an INCREDIBLE price!


Mona X feels ded inside.  Not because she is depressed but because her farts smell like something CRAWLED UP INSIDE OF HER AND STOPPED LIVING!  Once again a very HORRIBLE smell.  She made some sort of bean soup that is loaded with onionz and her farts are SUPER RAUNCHY!  Just like "face melterz one" these farts are mostly in jeans and tight pants... and of course her ass looks SPECTACULAR!  These farts were very LONG and very RUMBLY!  You will LOVE these fart sounds.. Mona wants to imagine having a real life fart slave back there getting their face melted.. who wants to volunteer?! and at the very end you get to fuck her from the back right on the couch.. as she farts on your dick!

This week Mona has the WORSE GAS EVER!  These farts are so LONG, BIG AND BUBBLEY you will not believe your ears!  But rather than complain Mona seems to be in a really good mood during this 3 WEEK COMPILATION!  Lots of dancing... some inside.. some outside.. lots of movement.  See movement helps to get the gas out even better!  Her energy is infectious she seems to be having FUN with her farts!

AUGUST 31st 2018

YES.. just like the title suggests some of these farts are in the 15 SECOND RANGE! and the farts that aren't are on the 9-10 SECOND RANGE!  this one is HOT! and this is being very FREAKY and very CREATIVE!

1.  like fingering her asshole while ripping a 10 second fart so you can hear the variation in sound as her finger slides in and out of her dirty asshole

2.  Masturbating while ripping long bubblers and playing with her pussy to change the sounds coming out of her ass and moaning loudly as she cums.

the ass,the fart SOUNDS,the length of these farts.. THIS clip will make her FAMOUS!

AUGUST 17th 2018

Mona gets her BEST farts after she comes home from a LONG DAY at work!  She works at a bank which means that she has to hold in her gas ALL DAY LONG!  So when she gets home she is ready to EXPLODE!  It is so sexy to see her push out these LONG, RELIEVING HORSE FARTS! in her TIGHT GREY DRESS PANTS!  She looks so sexy and that fabric keeps the smell in there for HOURS!  I would to anything to bury my face in that DRESS PANTS ASS!  And her facial expression are so GREAT in this movie as well!  She is GREAT at the sexy facial expressions!


For the third time I had the greatest farter in the world make a compilation of ONLY her longest farts for a week.  This one might be the best one yet!  These bad boys are long.. and DEEP. and RUMBLY!  No lag time... just farts.. tons of them and ALL of them are INCREDIBLE!  This one is simple and simple  is good!
JULY 21ST 2018

In this POV fantasy....

Your girlfriend Mona has no problem farting for you but she still wonders how in the world you could possibly like that smell.  She thinks its cute but she still wonders what is the appeal of her stinky gas.  You follow her around like a puppy and everytime he has a fart she stinks her ass in your face right after she rips it... also in this clip she has to DROP A LOAD and she rips her PRE LOADED GAS in your face and you know those farts are the SMELLIEST.  Throughout this whole video she talks to you. wondering.. why?

(the "In Your Face" edition)

JULY 5TH 2018

 For the second time I had Mona record ONLY her longest farts over a 3 week period.  This is a compilation video with TONS of farts with LITTLE lag time between farts... this week.. with a twist all of these farts are filmed at your POINT OF VIEW!  So not only are these farts LONG AS HELL but you get to imagine that she is right there in the room with you and she is bringing that ass over to you so you can sniff it after each EXTRA LONG fart!  If you like LONG, BUBBLY BRITTANY MOORE SOUNDING FARTS and you like em LONG then this is the clip for you!!

JUNE 21ST 2018

 maybe her BEST FARTS EVER!!  I told Mona to record ONLY the longest farts over a 2 week period of time! just about EVERY ONE OF THESE FARTS are in the 5-10 second range!  OVER TWENTY MINUTES OF LONG BUBBERS with very little lag time between them!  She is your gf in this POV fantasy and your girlfriend farts for you whenever you want her to.  She always farts around you and she always lets you smell them. and this time... for THIS compilation only the LONG will survive!

JUNE 7TH 2018

 Mona has a bad tummy ache because she has been eating brocculi with every meal and it has her farting up a storm all week long!  FIRST she demonstrates on a stuffed toy just how she would fart all over your nose and mouth then later in this MOVIE you come to visit her and she shows you POV style just how strong that brocculi smell is coming from her round cheeks!

MAY 22ND 2018

 Ms. Fartsy did a clip a long time ago where she was dressed up in business attire and farted for the cameras.  This was one of our most popular clips so Mona X has re-did this idea for 2018.  See Mona works at a bank so she must wear sexy business clothes every day.  Tight business slacks and skirts every day.  She has to hold her farts in ALL DAY, EVERY DAY so when she gets home she is ready to EXPLODE!  In this MOVIE you are in the roll of her boyfriend, you get home before she does every day so each day you get to witness her releasing all these LONG, RELIEVING FARTS everyday... and because she knows you like it these 15 SECOND BUBBLERS are often ripped right in your face!  Please enjoy BUSINESS GAS 2018!

MAY 9TH 2018

 This is AMAZING!  Imagine your roommate Mona comes home .. she is horny and she wants some dick from you.. even tho you are just friends.. she offers to fart for you if you will let her suck your dick and fuck her doggystyle.... THEN... the next night you come home and she is SUCKING HER BOYFRIENDS COCK and you walk in on them.. but she tells you to STAY!  She wants you to sniff her LONG, BUBBLEY, WATERY FARTS while she SUCKS HER BOYFRIENDS COCK!  So you watch her sucking dick between her mans legs and she keeps blowing HUMONGOUS farts in your face and she is telling you "as soon as he cums in my mouth I am going to fuck you"  THIS IS THE ULTIMATE FART THREESOME!  She keeps sucking his dick.. and farting LIKE A CRAZY WOMAN then she turns around to fuck your brains out!  The whole time she is farting she is looking to you and telling you... "you're next"... you get SO HORNY from watching her suck her mans dick and fart so VIOLENTLY that you can't wait your turn to have SEX WITH HER!!!  This video is SO HOT!  You have never seen anything like it before!  it is a MUST SEE!

APRIL 22ND 2018

 This is a really DIRTY bathroom movie for all toilet lovers!  For starters Mona X is taking a MEGA DUMPP!  You can really hear her fruit droppin' into the water!  And at the same time she is giving you a SLOW AND SLOPPY blo job!  The strong smell of her SMELLY BEWP is in the air as she slowly slobs on your knob.. then when she is finished BEWPING she stands up so you can EAT HER DIRTY ASSHOLE!  The SMELL OF HER BEWP is all over her ass as you kiss it and stick your tongue deep into it!  this really turns you on.. but guess what?!  it turns HER on too!  SHE WANTS TO TASTE HER OWN BEWP IN YOUR MOUTH!!!  so she begins french kissing you passionately so she can taste her own dirty ass!  ITS SO NASTY BUT SO SEXY! finally she goes back down to finish BLOWING YOU until you EXPLODE YOUR LOAD into her waiting mouth!  THIS IS SO HOT AND RAUNCHY and it all takes place in her bathroom!  Then for the next 3 days she wants you to watch her take 3 monster dumpps!  She wants you to focus on her FACE!  Look at her face while ALL THAT FRUIT can be heard dropping into the water!  If you are an EFROW LOVER than this is a MUST HAVE CLIP!

APRIL 8TH 2018

JEAN FARTS FOREVER!!!!!  You will be screaming this from the mountain tops after seeing this FANTASTIC FART MOVIE!  The SEXIEST POSES... the RUMBLIEST FARTS!  these jean farts will ANNIHILATE YOUR FACE!  Imagine being behind her when these WATERY BLUBBER FARTS blow into your face and mouth!  She of course is going to FUCK YOUR BRAINS OUT POV STYLE just as soon as you get ready to explode you can explode INSIDE HER!  She even puts on a pair of leggings and leather pants too.. but its the DENIM that is going to get you this is JEAN FART DESTRUCTION!!!!!

MARCH 26TH 2018

This is like a "promotional" video.  For the mere price of 5 THOUSAND DOLLARS you can fly Mona X to your town for 3 days and she will make ALL OF YOUR FART AND EFROW fantasies come true for 3 days!  In this FULL LENGTH MOVIE she will demonstrate the following...

1.  She shows you her fart fuel.  Half boiled eggs, raw onion, fresh garlic paste and mayonnaise on toast.  She eats it EVERY morning!

2.  She will let you worship her big round boobies while she farts for you.

3.  She will FART and MASTURBATE in front of you because she knows you like that.

4.  You will get to smell and hear EVERY FART she demonstrates that as she walks around your apartment.. will will not miss a single solitary fart for 3 whole days!

5.  She will just out of now where suck your dick whenever you want when you get aroused by her farts.. any time you get hard from her farts she will make sure to empty your balls!

6.  Every time she has to take a dump she will let you WATCH IT COME OUT and then she will put her DIRTY ASS in your face and make you lick her clean.. NO TOILET PAPER NEEDED. and of course she will show you the load when done.

7.  She will stick her HUGE JEAN CLADDED ASS in your face and fart until she SOILS HERSELF!

these are just a few things you get when you buy the MONA X DELUXE FART PACKAGE!

MARCH 10TH 2018

Mona X is your wife.. and this just a sneak peek of what your life will be like when you are married to a fart fetish model like Mona X.

1.  You will sit with her and have breakfast every morning while she sits on a stack of pillows (more comfy that way) and she rips DEEP MUFFLED FARTS while you guys sit and plan out your day.  She farts a LOT and she is not phased by the LOUD SOUNDS she just keeps talking.. and farting.

2.  After EVERY DUMP she comes out of the bathroom and brings her HUGE ASS over to you so you can eat, sniff and LICK the BEWP particles from her inside of her ass cheeks and asshole.  You like the smell, and the taste.. and it turns her on!  so you guys usually FUCK right after this activity where she rides you with her big boobs bouncing around in your face!

3.  She likes to put lotion on her body after a shower so you watch her lotion her ass while ripping LONG WATERY FARTS IN YOUR FACE also turning around and putting lotion on her BIG FAT BOOBIES while she farts and talks to you about random things...

4. Oh.. and while the lotion is out she decides to give you a SLOW EDGING HANDJOB while the rips HUMONGO FARTS in the background.. she keeps jerking and farting jerking and farting until you are ready to cum... THEN she opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue because she is ready for you to DROP YOUR FULL LOAD on her tongue so she can swallow it!

THIS IS A FULL LENGTH FART FETISH MOVIE.. not a clip... A FREAKIN MOVIE! and it is POV style which means you feel like you are right there with her.. yes.. this is what it would be like being married to the GREATEST FART MODEL EVER!

SURE TO VISIT Disturrbia.com and