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APRIL 8TH 2018

JEAN FARTS FOREVER!!!!!  You will be screaming this from the mountain tops after seeing this FANTASTIC FART MOVIE!  The SEXIEST POSES... the RUMBLIEST FARTS!  these jean farts will ANNIHILATE YOUR FACE!  Imagine being behind her when these WATERY BLUBBER FARTS blow into your face and mouth!  She of course is going to FUCK YOUR BRAINS OUT POV STYLE just as soon as you get ready to explode you can explode INSIDE HER!  She even puts on a pair of leggings and leather pants too.. but its the DENIM that is going to get you this is JEAN FART DESTRUCTION!!!!!

MARCH 26TH 2018

This is like a "promotional" video.  For the mere price of 5 THOUSAND DOLLARS you can fly Mona X to your town for 3 days and she will make ALL OF YOUR FART AND EFROW fantasies come true for 3 days!  In this FULL LENGTH MOVIE she will demonstrate the following...

1.  She shows you her fart fuel.  Half boiled eggs, raw onion, fresh garlic paste and mayonnaise on toast.  She eats it EVERY morning!

2.  She will let you worship her big round boobies while she farts for you.

3.  She will FART and MASTURBATE in front of you because she knows you like that.

4.  You will get to smell and hear EVERY FART she demonstrates that as she walks around your apartment.. will will not miss a single solitary fart for 3 whole days!

5.  She will just out of now where suck your dick whenever you want when you get aroused by her farts.. any time you get hard from her farts she will make sure to empty your balls!

6.  Every time she has to take a dump she will let you WATCH IT COME OUT and then she will put her DIRTY ASS in your face and make you lick her clean.. NO TOILET PAPER NEEDED. and of course she will show you the load when done.

7.  She will stick her HUGE JEAN CLADDED ASS in your face and fart until she SOILS HERSELF!

these are just a few things you get when you buy the MONA X DELUXE FART PACKAGE!

MARCH 10TH 2018

Mona X is your wife.. and this just a sneak peek of what your life will be like when you are married to a fart fetish model like Mona X.

1.  You will sit with her and have breakfast every morning while she sits on a stack of pillows (more comfy that way) and she rips DEEP MUFFLED FARTS while you guys sit and plan out your day.  She farts a LOT and she is not phased by the LOUD SOUNDS she just keeps talking.. and farting.

2.  After EVERY DUMP she comes out of the bathroom and brings her HUGE ASS over to you so you can eat, sniff and LICK the BEWP particles from her inside of her ass cheeks and asshole.  You like the smell, and the taste.. and it turns her on!  so you guys usually FUCK right after this activity where she rides you with her big boobs bouncing around in your face!

3.  She likes to put lotion on her body after a shower so you watch her lotion her ass while ripping LONG WATERY FARTS IN YOUR FACE also turning around and putting lotion on her BIG FAT BOOBIES while she farts and talks to you about random things...

4. Oh.. and while the lotion is out she decides to give you a SLOW EDGING HANDJOB while the rips HUMONGO FARTS in the background.. she keeps jerking and farting jerking and farting until you are ready to cum... THEN she opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue because she is ready for you to DROP YOUR FULL LOAD on her tongue so she can swallow it!

THIS IS A FULL LENGTH FART FETISH MOVIE.. not a clip... A FREAKIN MOVIE! and it is POV style which means you feel like you are right there with her.. yes.. this is what it would be like being married to the GREATEST FART MODEL EVER!

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